McDonald’s launches a Happy Meal for adults with toys

McDonald’s launches a new Happy Meal aimed at adults and the best thing is that it includes toys.

It is a limited version of its famous Happy Meal that hit the market on Monday, this is part of McDonald’s collaboration with the popular street fashion brand cacti plant Flea Market.

The products will be available until they run out, from October 3, customers will be able to order a “Cactus Plant Flea Market Box” and although it is a children’s menu, the size will be adult.

The menu offers two foods 10-piece Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets, each comes with an order of medium fries and a medium drink plus toy.

The Happy Meal will be available in restaurants through the drive thru or by delivery; also in the app of the fast food chain.

The campaign began with a post from the company on Facebook saying “There comes a day when you ask for a Happy Meal for the last time and you are not even aware of it”, which had hundreds of reactions.

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What are the Happy Meal toys for adults?

The box comes with four pets different, two are stylized versions of Birdie and Hamburglar (two classic McDonalds characters), and the other two are two characters from the clothing brand.

one of four toys comes as “a surprise” apparently a figure of “Cactus Buddy”.

The promotion It will be available in the United States between October 3 and 30.

The food will be served in a box specially designed to recall the boxes of yesteryear. Toys include versions redesigned.

“We’re taking one of the most nostalgic McDonald’s experiences and literally repackaging it in a new way that’s super relevant to our customers. fans adults,” Tariq Hassan, chief of the marketing and customer experience office for McDonald’s USA, said in a statement.

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