Medicine, the degree of the UCLM with more employment and salary

The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) recently published, on its Transparency web portal, the job placement data of its graduates in 2015 and 2016. Four years after graduating, Medicine graduates had the best data of all UCLM graduates. The degree had practically full employment, with 98% job placement. And the best average salary of all degrees, with an average annual income of 40,400 euros.

Medicine, the degree of the UCLM with more employment and salary

The data is similar in the two reference years of the study published by the UCLM on its web portal. These are graduates in June 2015 and in the same month of 2016. And their employment situation in 2019 and 2020 is analyzed. The data has been extracted from the official report of the Ministry of Education on the employment situation of university graduates in the whole country.

In addition, the study also indicates that only two percent of UCLM Medicine graduates were working as self-employed. Most of them worked as employees. Of them, 44% had an indefinite contract. It should be remembered that Medicine, at UCLM, is offered on the Albacete and Ciudad Real campuses.

Nursing won the ‘silver’

Nursing was in second position in terms of the best employability results at UCLM. More than 95% of its graduates in the different centers where this degree is offered were working. The average salary was around 32,000 euros and less than two percent were self-employed.

In this case, the percentage of workers with indefinite contracts stood, for those who had graduated four years earlier, at just over 28%.

Pharmacy was also close to full employment

In the case of Pharmacy graduates, in this case at the Albacete campus, the employment rate was 92%, four years after finishing university studies. The average salary of graduates in this specialty was close to 30,000 euros.

In Pharmacy, the percentage of self-employed did not reach two percent and more than 33% of those who had an employment contract were permanent.

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