Meghan Markle is 43% Nigerian, she just told herself

For a few weeks, Meghan Markle has focused on the production of her podcast ‘Archetypes’, in which she talks with various guests in order to analyze the constant stereotypes in which women are usually pigeonholed worldwide. So far, she has met celebrities like Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton, addressing various topics from a female perspective. And now, in her latest episode, the Duchess of Sussex opened up about her ancestral background, revealing that she is 43% Nigerian.

During a talk with Nigerian comedian and actress Issa Rae, writer Ziwe Fumodoh and teacher Emily Bernards, lPrince Harry’s wife revealed that she had taken a genealogy test two years ago, resulting in her having strong ties to the West African country. “I got my genealogy done a couple of years ago, I’m 43% Nigerian,” Meghan said. Ziwe replied in surprise, “Are you serious? This is huge. Igbo, Yoruba, do we know?” she asked the duchess with great interest. Prince Harry’s wife replied: “I’m going to start digging deeper into all of this because everyone I’ve told about it, especially Nigerian women, is like, ‘What?'”

After this revelation, Ziwe confesses to Meghan that she is a lot like her Aunt Ouzo, a Nigerian woman. Based on this information, andMeghan Markle’s Nigerian origin comes directly from her mother, Doria Ragland, a woman of African descent who was born in Ohio. For his part, his father Thomas Markle is of British, Dutch and Irish descent, so Meghan’s genealogy has a great miscegenation.

Meghan Markle had never been treated as a ‘black woman’ until she married Harry

Previously, on an episode of ‘Archetypes’ in which he chatted with Mariah Carey, The Duchess of Sussex confessed that she only “began to understand what it was like to be treated as a black woman” when her relationship with Prince Harry began. “I had read an article about Halle Berry and in it she was asked how she felt about being treated as a mixed-race woman. And her response was, ‘Well, your experience in the world is how people see you.’ She said that since she is a darker color, she is treated as a black woman, not a mestizo woman. And I think for us it’s very different because we’re light-skinned. They don’t treat you like a black woman. Don’t treat yourself like a woman. White. In a way, you’re in the middle,” Meghan told Mariah Carey, who is also of mixed race and Latino origins.

In closing, the former ‘Suits’ actress stated, “I mean, if there was ever a time in my life where I focused more on my race, it was when I started dating my husband. I began to understand what it was like to be treated as a black woman. Because until that moment I had been treated as a mixed woman. And things really changed.”

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