Messi returns to the coronation of Real Madrid in C1 and dubs Benzema!

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Lionel Messi confided in the microphone of TyC Sports today. After returning to his departure from Barça and his complicated adaptation to PSG, the seven-time Ballon d’Or spoke about the coronation of Real Madrid in the Champions League and a certain Karim Benzema.

On the coronation of Real

“The Champions League? The best team doesn’t always win. Real Madrid weren’t the best team this season, without taking any credit from them because they are the champions of Europe.”

About Benzema

“Benzema had a spectacular year. He was essential from the round of 16, and in every game. He deserves the Ballon d’Or, without a doubt”.

On the elimination of PSG against Real

“Losing against Real Madrid in C1? It killed us. It killed me and the whole dressing room in general. We really wanted to win the Champions League. I know what Real Madrid is like, I lived it for many years, my whole life. They score a goal out of nowhere and they automatically change the face of the game.”

On the comebacks of Real

“Against Real Madrid, if a strange game or a goal happens, it changes the game. I already knew it could happen [le retour du Real Madrid] and it happened to us and all the teams [Chelsea, City et Liverpool] And this is not the first time…”

On his desire to win the C1

“I’m really looking forward to winning the Champions League again. In the Champions League there are psychological moments that come into a team, where the slightest mistake leaves you eliminated and whoever is best prepared for those situations ends up by winning it”.

On his adaptation to PSG

“At Barcelona I had teammates I had played with for many years and they knew me very well. At PSG I had to adapt to a new system and new teammates. I started the championship late because I arrived late at the club and then I had a knock on my knee that kept me out of the action for a while and between one thing and between one thing I didn’t couldn’t adapt. I couldn’t play three or four games in a row. Then I was like, ‘Well, after that, I’m starting a new year [2022]I will arrive with all my energy, I will change, the adaptation is over’, and then I tested positive for COVID-19”.

On the whistles of the Parc des Princes

“The whistles of the PSG fans? It’s understandable. In Barcelona, ​​the fans never whistled at me. When the PSG fans did, it was something new for me. When the Parisian fans m whistled, I said to myself: “But what are my children going to think? I didn’t like that they were there. They didn’t say anything to me, they didn’t understand. This year, I I had a hard time enjoying it. I want to come back to Paris and enjoy it. Next season will be different. I know the club, the city, the locker room. I’m ready”.

to summarize

Lionel Messi returned to the coronation of Real Madrid in the Champions League and did not fail to praise Karim Benzema. He also said more about the complicated year he lived at PSG.

Nathan Bricout

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