Metro that reaches Los Alcarrizos costs 25% less than Line 1

For every linear kilometer, the Meter that is built and that will reach The Alcarrizos, It is costing 25% less than the one made during Leonel Fernández’s administration 15 years ago.

This was revealed by the president Louis Abinader when referring to the road works carried out by the Government in different parts of the country, despite the crisis that has left the coronavirus and the war between Russia and Ukraine, a context that he considered “the worst circumstances”.

«Nobody had carried out and started so many works in two years as we are doing. And also, with a sense of efficiency and transparency, “said the president.

The head of state gave the information during an interview held in Alofoke Podcastwhere he also highlighted the economic advances of his management.

It is recalled that Line 1 of the Santo Domingo Metro, with nearly 15 kilometers of distance traveled, cost the State 700 million dollars.

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Prior to this, the nation’s chief executive assured that his government it’s not from “poppies”as assured by the opposition and other national sectors.

“Imagine, that is the biggest accusation we have received. Our party belongs to the whole of society, as a Democratic party should be. Subsidies and programs are not given to the upper class, but to the most needy. We are a government that does not think about class, color or last name,” he said,

Abinader assured that so far he has not made a decision on re-election for the next 2024. «I have said that, in these years until a certain moment arrives, I will make a decision. With the situations in which we have reached the government, there was and must be concentrated on governing and doing it well. Later I will make an evaluation and make my decision, that moment will come, and it will be justified.

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