Mexico will receive a dose of Cuba, announces AMLO – El Financiero

During the tour of Central America that had Cuba as its final stopover, President López Obrador agreed acquire the vaccine against COVID-19 that they produce on the island specifically for Small children.

“We are going to acquire a vaccine that they are producing for very young children, which has given them very good results,” the president announced as part of the health agreements to which he arrived with the Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel this Sunday.

The doses will be applied in boys and girls two years and older In a first stage, the president advanced who assured that in tomorrow’s Health Pulse section more details about the protocol will be announced.

“Tomorrow, when we have a health report, more extensive information will be given. If necessary, it will be done with other vaccines like Pfizer, we are working on it, but children will be vaccinated, the smallest ones, ”he pointed out.

The agreements also include the award of scholarships so that Mexican men and women can go to Cuba to train in general medicineas well as the hiring of more than 500 Cuban doctors in order to meet the goals of the new health plan.

Cubans “are already going to be working to fulfill the purpose we have made of guarantee the right to healthfree medical care, medicines, analysis or clinical studies for those who do not have social security, we have already started but we have this deficit that we are solving”, detailed Obrador.

Agreement signed in Cuba

During their visit to the Caribbean island, the government representatives of both countries signed a declaration and an agreement to strengthen health relationships and especially in the COVID-19 showdown.

Agreements expressed the will of both governments to strengthen historical tiesas well as promoting the training of human resources, research and medical assistance in different areas and establishing the legal framework to develop technical, scientific and academic cooperation.

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