Mia Khalifa’s Micro Dress Shows off Her Slim Silhouette


Wearing a flirty dress and high ankle boots, the model and actress Mia Khalifa surprised her followers by posing from behind

Recently Mia Khalifa proudly showed off her charms to her followers, she shared a photo in which she appears in a short dress, posing from behind.

The model and actress originally from Beirut, Lebanon is continually giving us content in her Instagram stories, it was there that she shared this flirty photo.

The dress of the beautiful 27-year-old celebrity is long and short sleeves, it has a print with several dark circles, which gives it an effect of depth.

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This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the colors of the dress she is wearing are gradients of warm tones, between yellows, oranges, and reds, she is on her back with one of her legs on top of a planter, further marking her slender figure and tiny charms. later that she is proud of herself as mentioned in the photo.

Mia Khalifa is also wearing ankle boots that according to one of her publications she designed herself, also adding that the ones she was wearing were not her size because they were quite large.

Definitely, any place where Khalifa is to pose in his photos or videos takes second place, because his figure and his enormous charms are always even more striking than anything.


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