Miguel Herrera leaves a “recadito” to Fernando Hernández after his expulsion

Michael Herreratechnical director of the UANL Tigres, left a little message for Fernando Hernandezreferee of the first leg between Cruz Azul and the felines, after he took the direct red card and left him out of the return.

In a press conference, “el Piojo” Herrera acknowledged that he complained about Hernández, but he never disrespected him, so he did not deserve to be expelled in the first leg of the quarterfinals.

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“Yes, I complained, it seemed to me that I had judged the play well, that there was no need to go to VAR and he made his decisions and until then, it remained on his conscience, mine is very calm. When I make a mistake, I admit it and pay for it, I have always paid for my mistakes, they have not forgiven me for anything”

Herrera assured that his action had to be classified as yellow, since the claims happen constantly throughout the games and are not “for so much”, for which he pointed out that he is “with a clear conscience” since this time he does not mistaken.

“I didn’t fall, if he took it as a claim, it’s yellow, because we all complained, both my players and the rival’s, but there was no yellow card, it was a direct red card”.

Seeing the direct red, Miguel Herrera will not be able to be in the second leg of the quarterfinals against Cruz Azul and could reappear until the semifinals, in case the Tigers win this series.

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