Mikel Erentxun, Adele, Joaquín Sabina, PSY, Juanes and others who took the grapes as No. 1 of LOS40 | Videos | from 40 to 1

The date on which a song reaches number one on LOS40 is not really important —there are no dates more relevant than others—, but there is no doubt that ending a year on a high and eating the grapes leading the list has something special. this week in The time Machine It is time to remember themes that consummated said achievement. And we start the review going back just one year. On December 25, 2021, Adele recovered the first position that she had already achieved in October and November with Easy on me, preview of what is still his latest album, 30. So on the 31st of that year he was still at the top and not only that, but on January 1, 2022 he retained the gold medal, so they would be in total four weeks that the exquisite ballad of the British would be in the first position.

Linking two years was also achieved by Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato five years ago with blame me It climbed to the top on December 30, 2017 and the first list of 2018, that of Three Kings Day, remained there. The song was included in the tenth album by the Puerto Rican, Life. Very different was the success that led the chart during the 2012 campaigns: Gangnam Style, from the South Korean PSY. He arrived there on December 29 of that year and (like those mentioned above) repeated at the beginning of 2013 (January 5). With her fun and highly imitated dance, she was the first K-Pop song to hit number one on LOS40.

The final weeks of 2007 had a clear dominator on the list: Juanes. The Colombian had been number one with It makes me fall in love twice in November and added two more in December, including the one on Saturday the 29th. Now you understand why it appears so much lately in this section. And even so, it was not the single that was at the top the most times that year: such an honor fell to another artist from Colombia, Shakira, and those of intuition (eight weeks). For his part, the illustrious Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina was the one who closed 2002 as leader with 69.G, a title with reminiscences as radiophonic and as erotic-festive.

From here to the end of the section, it just so happens that only national artists appear. Number one since December 27, 1997 went to all the flowers, of Presumed Involved, still then with Sole Giménez as a singer. And thirty years ago, in 1992, the first place went to Mikel Erentxun with One minute from you. After his glorious stage in Duncan Dhu, the man from San Sebastian made his solo debut with an album titled shipwrecks of which this song was first single. The album was a huge success (more than 260,000 copies sold) and cemented the career of the singer-songwriter (and titled architect), who continues to publish records and perform live with notable repercussions.

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