Mikhail Gorbachev visited the Dominican Republic for 20 days in 2001

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who died Tuesday at the age of 91 after battling an illness, visited the Dominican Republic in 2001 to hold a series of conferences on the Russian transformation process.

His arrival in the country was through the Punta Cana International Airport on July 10, 2001 and he left on July 30 of the same year.

The conferences of the last ruler of the Soviet Union were held both in Punta Cana and in the city of Santo Domingo.

The Vice Minister of Consular and Immigration Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Jatzel Román, explained to Listín Diario that as former Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and also President of the Soviet Union, in these conferences “he addressed everything concerning the period of perestroika, which he led, the end of the cold war and relations with the former president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and the transition processes that had taken place as a result of the end of the civil wars in Latin America.”
During the 20 days, which is officially known, Mijaíl Gorbachev was in the country, participated in several interviews and was decorated by former President Hipólito Mejía with the Heraldic Order of Christopher Columbus, the degree of Grand Cross Gold Plate. May 2021.

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