Mila Kunis knew that ‘Jupiter Destiny’ was going to be a flop

Mila Kunis has been clear: I knew that Jupiter’s fate was going to be a failure even before we started shooting it. The film, directed and written by the sisters wachowskitells us the science fiction story of jupiter jones, a housekeeper who ends up accepting her destiny as heiress to galactic royalty. Aided by an alien incarnated by channing tatum, who described the filming as a real nightmare, will end up getting involved in a space war. The actress, as remarked from ScreenRantexplains that everything smelled bad from the beginning due to problems with production and the budget.

Jupiter’s fate: story of an announced failure according to Mila Kunis

Jupiter’s fate released in 2015, and immediately after its arrival in theaters, received a wave of harsh criticism on the part of the spectators and the specialized press, obtaining a low qualification of Rotten Tomatoes. This, together with the very quality of the film, led the film to collect some 183 million dollars in its run through theaters. This is an insufficient amount, since we were talking about a block buster more than 215 million budget plus advertising. Almost nothing. Tatum, who previously discussed the shoot, also realized that nothing was going to go right. It is now Kunis, through his participation in the podcast Happy Sad Confusedwhich highlights that they knew something was off when the film’s budget was cut in half shortly before shooting.

J's fate

When did we know that the film would fail? Well, I think before we started production, because our budget was cut in half“, says Kunis, who affirms that those responsible for the film were looking for alternative financing routes and even adjusting the scripts to budget changes. “That is, the original budget of the film was double, and you can do much more with a lot more money,” says Kunis. “A lot of times those kinds of scripts have a really good story, but you need other things to make them extraordinary,” he continues.

The budget was cut in half shortly before shooting: Mila Kunis warned that this would doom the film

“But right before pre-production, for a multitude of reasons with the studios and other things, the budget was cut and the film was different.”, he concludes. That, says Kunis, condemned the film, a science fiction space opera with an emphasis on visual effects and its artistic design, similar to that of pulp universes such as Flash Gordon. With reduced funding, Jupiter’s fate he found himself rewriting many of the scenes to lessen the need for special effects shots, changing the narrative and affecting the final outcome of the film.

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