Millie Bobby Brown launches premiere collection

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January 29, 2024

Actress Millie Bobby Brown makes her fashion debut with her new line Florence by Mills Fashion, created in collaboration with Delta Galil USA.


The premiere collection even includes a women’s collection of loungewear and basics such as oversized sweatpants, designer and court ensembles.

La douceur et la liberté de mouvement sont mises à l’honneur. The creations are made from recyclable materials, with biodegradable polymer packaging, natural corozo buttons and other environmentally responsible elements.

Promoting the script of the American series “Stranger Things”, the actress became the foundation of her own brand of beauty and natural cosmetics intended for generation Z, Florence by Mills, in 2019.

«Afin de mieux repondre aux Kiss de ma génération à travers l’expansion de Florence by Mills, j’ai créé Florence by Mills Fashion parce que je trouvais qu’aucune Collection de mode sur le Marché ne créait de vêtements véritablement pen pour mes amis etc. “On how we adapt our things,” pointe shoe Bobby Brown.

“It’s important to me that all parts of the line are accessible to people who were the forerunners of the experiment, the revelers, the personalities and the celebrities. “I see that people feel good and confident about all the articles in the collection.”

La griffe va lancer in the premiere collection aux États-Unis et au Royaume-Unis, which debuted in February.

“Millie and our team have identified a great opportunity to revolutionize the ready-to-wear industry by creating well-designed products, including low-impact materials that are comfortable to wear,” sums up Delta Galil USA’s marketing leadership. Heather Mee. “We argue that we are all starting a revolution of trust in such an environment, which is the true goal. “We have a choice of all colors, materials and compartments, so that all people who decide to choose a product from Notre ligne ressentent instantanement de la joie et de l’assurance.”

The collaboration is overseen by Millie Bobby Brown’s global licensing partner, IMG.

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