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Carlos Correa and his contract with the New York Mets are hanging by a thread. According to reports by journalist Andy Martino, the Big Apple team is not satisfied with the negotiations that have been carried out with the Puerto Rican. This could end any possibility of a signing with the Metropolitans. Both sides are seriously considering closing the talks.

Nevertheless, there are still possibilities that both parties can reach an agreement. Even so, the tipping point of the negotiations is getting closer and closer. On December 21 of last year, the Mets reached an agreement with Carlos Correa that amounted to 315 million dollars for a 12-year contract.. But an old ankle injury to the Puerto Rican has left the situation to be seen.

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The Mets are concerned about the viability of such a long contract and how this injury could hurt the deal in the long run. This week a solution to the problem was raised, but the disputes around the contract continue to generate problems. Although the talks have not yet broken down, Carlos Correa and his agent Scott Boras are looking for some new suitors.

The Minnesota Twins could be interested in a short contract like the one Correa has been offered in the past. However, the shortstop expects a multiyear contract with a significant economic income. Something that for now they have not put on the table without raising doubts about their long-term health. The novel in Queens continues with another episode.

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