Monchy and Alexandra were never friends, according to the singer

“Enemies no, what happens is that we were never friends”, this was the forceful response of the former member of the successful duet Monchy Y Alexandra after a question about the estrangement with his musical project partner, in an interview with Tony Dandrades for First impact of the Univision network.

The bachatero also added that friendship is a very deep concept and one thing is friends and another very different is co-workers, although he assured that they were not pretending on stage, since at the time of interpreting one of his hits such as “Qué locos ”, “Blank sheets” or “Lost” if there was rapport.

After almost 14 years of separation, the singer Ramón Rijo, better known as “Monchy”, made it clear that there was never a friendship between his former partner Alexandra cabrera and him.

Monchy”He explained that there are many artists who are not friends of their colleagues, and also confessed that perhaps many people do not know that there is a legal issue that prohibits them from being where Mrs. Cabrera is, so they had to request authorization from their handlers, added that it was difficult for Romeo Santos be able to reunite them for the song “Años luz” from their album Utopía in 2019.

Below is the interview, published by Tony Dandrades on your Instagram account

Monchy Y Alexandra was a Dominican duo of bachata music, who became known, nationally and internationally, with the song Hoja en Blanco, and in 2003 with the song Dos locos. In 2006, Alexandra She was invited to participate, together with Vladimir Dotel from Los Ilegales, in the song I am not the other.

The duo broke up in 2008 to pursue their personal projects.

In 2019, the duo was invited by Romeo Santosmeeting once again to record the theme Light yearsfor Santos’ record production titled Utopiawhere Romeo also participates with different exponents of traditional Dominican bachata.

During the presentation of the album in Punta Cana, Diario Libre was present and they asked Romeo Santos privately that what was his biggest challenge on this album and his answer was: “The ones that gave me the most work were Monchy Y Alexandra”, he reacted. She did not even have to stop to think to declare that she worked hard to achieve this collaboration.

Alexandrawho was at the launch, told Diario Libre that the difficulty was not caused by her. “It would be for Monchy that he says that, I said yes immediately, “he clarified. However, the union actually happened only for the photo that accompanies the disc. “I recorded with Romeo and we met for the photo, but everything was fine, no problem.”

several days later Monchy sent an extensive public letter saying, among other statements, the following: “It has been a constant in the last ten years after what was your decision (to Alexandra) to take a different course as a professional… To conclude, believe me that in no way is the intention to make “Light Years” that capital letter that begins a new story. Undoubtedly, for me it means putting an end to something that for others had remained unfinished”.

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