Monday’s draw results and prizes

lThe La Primitiva lottery gives the opportunity to change the life of any person, and today July 1, 2024 is no exception. Today is draw day and we all can’t wait to find out the winning numbers. Follow the broadcast of the drawing so you don’t miss a minute of the excitement. State lotteries and betting agencies will provide all the information about the winning numbers.. Don’t miss this!

Winning Primitiva and Joker numbers today, Monday, July 1st.

  • Winning combination: XX – XX – XX – XX – XX – XX
  • Additional: XX
  • Return: X
  • Joker: X XXX XXX

Schedule, days and when you can get your Primitiva prize

The La Primitiva draw is held every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 21:40. You can follow them on the official website and on On our website, we instantly display all the results and winning combinations so that you don’t miss a second of your new life as a millionaire.

When claiming a La Primitiva prize, it is important to remember some priorities. According to the rules of state lotteries and bets, you will have a maximum period of three months from the day following the draw to carry out the payment procedures. For prizes up to 2,000 euros, you can make a payment in any of them. Lottery sales points In case. the prize exceeds 2000 euros, To make a payment, you will need to go to the bank associated with the administration in person. It is extremely important to comply with these terms and procedures guarantee receipt of the prize.

How much is the prize and how does the drawing work?

La Primitiva prizes are divided into different categories and valuesIt is important to note that the value of these prizes is subject to change. depending on the total collection and the number of winners It happens. In addition, to be one of the winners, you must match a total of at least three numbers on the ticket in the winning combination.

History of Primitives

La Primitiva was born in 18th century, proposed by Leopoldo de Gregorio, Marquis of Esquilache. and its main goal was to get more money for the state. The first draw in its history took place on December 10, 1763, under the name “Lottery by Numbers”. After a half-century break, Primitiva returned stronger than ever, with current name in 1985. Since then it has been one of the most favorite pranks among Spaniards.

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