“Most Premier League clubs are financially doped”

The president of LaLiga reacted like this after the closure of the winter market with a large expense in the Premier League of 643.8 million euros

javier thebesPresident of The leagueassured that “most of the clubs in the Premier League are economically doped”, while Javier Gomez, corporate director, demanded the Uefa to “enforce” financial control to sanction those who fail to comply with it, “from whatever country they are”.

“We read, the strength of the Premier League, but it is not like that, it is a competition based on millionaire losses of the clubs, their ordinary income is not enough for them. Most of the clubs are financially doped,” he wrote on his official Twitter account.

The president of The league reacted like this after the closing of the winter market with a great expense in the Premier League of 643.8 million euros, including the record transfer of the competition with the signing of the Argentine Enzo Fernandez for him Chelseacoming from Benfica in exchange for 121 million euros.

For his part, the corporate director of The league, javier gomez He shared this vision of excessive spending while defending the philosophy of the Spanish employers’ association in the economic aspect.

“In The league What we are after is that the clubs can spend and generate autonomously, that is, with their own income. It is true that shareholders are also allowed to support the club with certain limits; put money so that they can spend beyond what the club itself can generate. But in the Premier the opposite happens,” he declared in a video.

Gómez recalled that “until June 30, 2021, in the five previous seasons, the Premier League and the Championship had lost 3,000 million euros.” “The league Spanish lost 250 million euros, and had to endure the pandemic. In that same period, the shareholders of the Premier and Championship put in 3,500 million euros and the shareholders in the same period in Spain have put in 450,” he declared.

“No more and no less, they are doping the club, they are injecting money that the club does not generate. This puts the viability of a club at risk when this shareholder leaves. In our opinion, this is cheating because it drags down the rest of the leagues” , large.

Gomez demanded the Uefa that “with the new economic control, it prevents the shareholders of the clubs from being able to put more than a certain amount of money” and “that it enforces this rule and sanctions the clubs that fail to comply with this rule, regardless of the country they are from.”

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