“My genital organ reduced by 4 cm”

Doctors confirmed to the boy that the shrinking of his penis was a rare effect of Covid-19

Depressed boy

L’nightmare of every man happened to a 30-year-old boy. It appears that the 30-year-old suffered a long-term effect of the COVID-19, that it has narrowed the penis by about 4 centimeters.

His genital organ shrinks after contracting Covid-19

The young man could not believe it, but he understood that it would be lasting. Boy No.did not disclose his vaccination status and said he fell ill with Covid-19 in July 2021. After the illness he immediately noticed this strange rextinction of his genital organ, which according to his statements, before Covid-19, he had measures above average. Once heard the doctors confirmed that this effect it would have been permanent, because of vascular damage.

Erectile dysfunction from Covid-19

This was definitely a more unique than rare effect Covid-19, but many urologists they noticed that some men started to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Evidence that the infamous Covid-19 affects the male genital organ and can affect sexual performance it is caused by someone virus particles entering the penis e they reduce blood flow directed towards the organ.

How to cure erectile dysfunction from Covid-19

A drug treatment it could have been effective in this case, since it is already widely used for common erectile dysfunction, but it seems that many patients they did not benefit from the drugs used to treat this condition. There solution however there is. This is some machinery known as pumps or gods stretching devices, which could help rehabilitate people with erectile dysfunction related to Covid-19.

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