“My sexiest moment was when I kissed Laura Pausini”

Animal lover, promoter of the new mobility, lover of basketball and onions and rice with stew. That’s how it is jonathan parra (34), lawyer, master’s degree in Constitutional Law and former assembly member who answered Questionnaire.

If you were mistaken for a celebrity, who would it be?

About a hundred people have already told me: with Jim Carrey and also with the singer Robbie Williams.

What was the moment when you felt the sexiest?

When I kissed Laura Pausini and decorated her in my time as an assemblyman. We are friends, we write to each other on WhatsApp and she has congratulated me on my birthday.

Why did you decorate her?

For his charitable work. She helps a lot of people, but she doesn’t publish it, that has more merit. Laura has millions of euros, but she never advertises the foundations she has or helps. That is the true meaning of serving.

And would you decorate Karol G?

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If it has any merit or helps people, of course it does. I would honor Doña María, an informal vendor who was beaten up by the metropolitans, or people like Amparo Guillén, a forgotten artist who should be recognized and made visible.

What makes you nervous?

The lateness. Today (yesterday) I felt bad for being late for this interview. I was thinking if you would make a bad face at me, because I’m the same.

What people scare him away?

The disloyal and ungrateful.

And which ones do you value?

Those who have shaken my hand.

Your worst drunk?

I didn’t drink. I had my first drunk when I was 30 years old, because I wanted it that way. It was a July 8 at my house.

A melody that sums up your life so far?

The world I dreamed of, by Laura Pausini.

In a multiverse, what would Guayaquil be like?

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Inclusive and with new mobility.

And Ecuador?

With values ​​and principles and with corruption eradicated.

The weirdest thing you’ve come across on Twitter?

When someone posted a picture of me.

Was he ‘naked’?

I never make those mistakes. One learns from peeling (laughs). But a lady asked me if I remembered her and she did so by publishing a photograph of me in which I was unrecognizable, from a party when I was 18 years old, skinny and with long hair.

Which politician would you not let into your home?

If it is to work for the country, to whomever. Ecuador does not need more hatred and division, but rather unity. It’s time for that.

Do you admire any?

To nobody.

Would you open an OnlyFans account considering that you will earn more than as a lawyer?

No, because I don’t even wear a sunga on the beach (laughs). Being in shorts I think that is more than enough.

As a teenager, who was your sexual fantasy?

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I love Julia Roberts in every way, even her movies. My favorite is Eat, pray, love, which is also hers. She is gorgeous and I am fascinated by her personality and her naturalness.

Do you flirt better in person or on Tinder?

In person, remember that I am a lawyer (laughs).

Do you get around mostly by scooter, skateboard or bicycle?

I ride a bike, but not always. I can’t use it all day because I know the risk I take in Guayaquil. If the authority does not change the chip to the citizen, the cyclist will not be respected. I don’t want to die yet.

Speaking of mobility, what else moves you in life?

Change the system, but it’s screwed. I’m talking about values, principles. Corruption is not only in public or paying the bribe to the security guard. I am also referring to the lack of consideration, courtesy, empathy, parking where I should not, disrespecting the rights of another.

Lack of culture then?

Totally. They say that as above, so below. When you have presidents, mayors, prefects at the top who execute guidelines and regulations, society changes. In Argentina if you leave your car in the garage of someone else’s house, they scratch it.

As a young man, you are one of those strange guayacos who likes to wear a guayabera and have a snack on rice with stew and roast beef…

(Laughter) I’m from Portete and Leonidas Plaza. I’ve been wearing a guayabera since I was a child and, yes, guayaquileño with onions, casserole and rice with menestra and emelecista.

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Grandma Gloria’s best advice?

Growing horizontally does not refer to being chubby (smiles), but to never forget what is next to you. For the one that only grows vertically, the fall is ugly. I even made a painting for my mother Gloria, as she called my maternal grandmother, she is at home. She was the woman who trained me, she taught me everything from tying my shoe laces to correctly pronouncing the ‘r’ so as not to speak like Abdalá (laughs).

I know he’s an animal lover. What animal would you like to be and why?

A puppy, for loyalty.

Is it true that you drink water all the time?

Like a camel… better let’s change animals (laughs). I drink ten liters of water a day. Impressive. Due to Guayaquil’s heat and humidity, I perspire a lot.

Is it true that you lean towards group activities, such as breakfasts and other meals?

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Yes, because my thing is not cooking. I only make toast and milkshakes, don’t ask me for anything else.

I have been told that he is also a good dancer of tropical music.

Yes, salsa and meringue. If they play reggaeton on me, I won’t go down there.

If you had her in front of us right now, what would you say to Cynthia Viteri?

Cynthia, Guayaquil is sinking, the city has problems with everything. Mayoress, work, you have the resources to build a new Guayaquil and its three million inhabitants, with works for everyone, both for those who live in Urdesa and those who live in Mapasingue.

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