Natalie Portman affirms that she was sexualized in Hollywood since she was a child: “they talked about my breasts”

ANDthe name of Natalie Portman keeps playing and more when the movie of ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’in which he participates, is having a brutal success in theaters.

However, on this occasion, the actress drew attention with a statement she gave to The Sunday Times, after being asked for her opinion on the transformation of her body to which she underwent, for the recently released installment of the cinematographic universe of Marvel.

In this talk he highlighted the psychological and physical effort he had to bring to life again Jane Fosteralthough it was surprising that she believes that since she was a child she was sexualized in Hollywood.

“I think, at the time, it was very normal…Part of it was the kind of roles that were being written (for movies) and part of it was the way journalists felt entitled to write about it ( her body image)” said Natalie Portman.

“I remember reading a review of mine when I was about 13 years old that talked about my breasts,” the actress mentioned.

Given this, she began to reject roles that involved love or sex scenes and explained: “I will not be seen that way, because it felt like a vulnerable position and also a less respectable position, in some way, to be characterized like that”.

However, already at 41 years of age, having participated in various films as a leading man and winning a Oscar awardknows that this is a thing of the past and all that remains is to enjoy what he has achieved, both in his private life and in the professional sphere, where he once again draws attention for his great roles.

I enjoyed being a part of Thor and the challenges it had:

Similarly, Natalie Portman She talked about the challenge that this film implied for her, where she must look like a heroine, with an exemplary physical image.

“I turned 40 while making the movie and it was an incredible moment in my life to say, ‘You’re going to be the fittest, strongest version of yourself,'” she recalls of how expensive it was to have a diet and exercise routine for her. gain muscle

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