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Natalie Portman she is a talented actress who manages to give great interpretative strength to each project. But how much do we know about the actress?

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Beautiful, talented and socially committed. Natalie Portman he has come a long way since he debuted in the film Léon from Luc Besson.

But how much do we know about the actress? We just have to discover the biography of Natalie Portman and his first steps in the world of cinema to grasp every nuance of interpretation.


Natalie Portman (born Natalie Hershlag) was born on 9 June 1981 in Jerusalem from Avner Hershlag (fertility specialist) and by Shelley Stevens (American housewife).

At the age of three, the Hershlag family moved first to Washington and then to Syosset (New York), where the girl attended Syosset High School.

At the age of seven she began studying dance and a few years later she began working as a model, only to accept participation in the film that consecrated her to the world of acting.


Natalie Portman he made his debut at the age of thirteen in the film Léon from Luc Besson of 1994 and from that moment on she became an interpreter to keep an eye on.

After that film, in fact, the actress worked on Heat – The challenge of 1995; Beautiful Girls, Everyone says I Love You And Mars Attacks! of 1996; Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace And My lovely enemy of 1999; Here Where the Heart Is of 2000; Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones of 2002; Cold return Mountain of 2003; My life in Garden State And Closer of 2004; Free Zone, Star Wars: Episode III – The revenge of the Sith, V for Vendetta, Domino One And Faubourg Saint-Denis of 2005.

It’s still, The last inquisitor of 2006; A Romantic Kiss – My Blueberry Nights And The train to Darjeeling of Mr. Magorium and the shop of wonders of 2007; The other woman of the king of 2008; Love and others impossible places, Brothers and Mira Nair of 2009; The black Swan, Joaquin Phoenix – I’m here! And Hesher And been here of 2010.

He also worked on His Majesty, Friends, lovers and … And Thor of 2011; Thor: The Dark World of 2013; Knight of Cups, To dream is to live And Insensitive bastards of 2015; Jane Got a Gun, Jackie And Planetarium of 2016; Song to Song of 2017; Annihilation, Vox Lux And My life with John F. Donovan of 2018; Lucy in the Sky And Avengers: Endgame of 2019; Thor: Love and Thunder of 2022.

Producer, director and screenwriter

Not just a versatile and talented actress. Natalie Portman she played the role of producer, director and screenwriter of various projects.

He produced Love and other impossible places, Hesher was here, To dream is to live, Jane Got a Gun, PPZ – Pride + Prejudice + Zombies And Vox Lux.

As for her tests as a screenwriter and director, however, we remember the short film Eve, the episode Natalie Portman from New York, I Love You and the movie To dream is to live.


At the beginning of her career, the actress took a break from her commitments to devote herself to study and theater. In 1998 he worked on the show The Diary of Anne Frank (while rejecting a role in The Horse Whisperer from Robert Redford).

There Portman decides to enroll at Harvard University to study psychology and acting at Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Camp.


The actress has participated in several video clips, among which we remember Dance Tonight And My Valentine from Paul McCartney, Carmensita from Devendra Banhart, My Willing Heart from James Blake And Wrapped Up from Natalie Portman.

Nude scenes

Natalie Portman she starred in her first nude scene in 2007 but, after being a victim of “sexual terrorism” following the film Léon, he decided to lend himself to nude scenes only if he thought it appropriate.

The right opportunity came that same year with the short Chevalier Hotel from Wes Anderson (prequel de The train to Darjeeling). Later we find it in other similar scenes in films such as The black Swan And Planetarium.

Stars Wars

Natalie Portman And Star Wars form an essential combination for all fans of the saga, but many do not know that the actress was included in the cast of the second trilogy thanks to Mike Nichols.


The actress revealed that Mike Nichols vouched for her with Anthony Minghella, which he put in a “good word with Tom Tykwer, who spread the word with the Wachowski“.

Because? At that time no one put their trust in her: “Everyone started to think that I was a bad actress. I was among the performers of the highest grossing of the decade and no director wanted to work with me ”.

However, before being hired, the actress had never seen Star Wars and he would not have been able to distinguish a film from the saga from one of Star Trek.

Sexual terrorism

Natalie Portman spoke of his experience of “sexual terrorism” during a demonstration of Me Too Movement in 2018.

On stage, the actress said she received a letter from a man revealing that he had a rape fantasy about her after the film. Léon.

Added to this were the comments of critics about her immature breasts and the objectification of her body. All of this made her reluctant to play sexy roles.

Genesis Award

Many do not know that Natalie Portman refused the Genesis Award (Israel Nobel Prize) in 2018 due to Israel’s reaction to the mobilization of Hamas on the Gaza border.

The ceremony was canceled, but the Minister of Culture Miri Regev he explained the incident with a “succumbed to the pressure of BDS”, the movement that calls for sabotage and sanctions against Israel.

To report the position of the actress was the organization of Genesis Award, emphasizing how the Portman “Does not feel comfortable attending any public event in Israel”.

Political and social causes

Natalie Portman she has been a vegetarian since childhood, but became vegan after reading the book If nothing matters from Jonathan Safran Foer. His food philosophy also extends to his daily choices.

She has been an avid environmentalist since childhood, when she joined the World Patrol Kids (theater company made up of environmentalists).

She supports various activities against world hunger and poverty and between 2004 and 2005 she became Ambassador of Hope of the organization that promotes microcredit for companies of women belonging to developing countries, the FINCA International.

The actress openly supports the Democratic Party and has endorsed Democratic candidates John Kerry, Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama.

He has never hidden his support for gay rights and same-sex marriage.

Private life

Natalie Portman is married to the dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied from 2012 and from their union two children were born, Aleph in 2011 and Amalia in 2017.

Before Benjamin Millepied, the actress has been linked to the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal from 2003 to 2004 and again in 2007 and to the singer Devendra Banhart in 2008.


Natalie Portman has a profile Instagram, despite always showing reluctance to use social media. However, he learned to use the channel to share employment news and support the movement Time’s Up.

It was her colleague who convinced the actress to support the Time’s Up campaign through social media Reese Whiterspoon, which was transformed for the occasion into “a wonderful system of support in teaching me the ways of modernity”.


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