Neither Twingo nor Ferrari, this is Cardi B’s millionaire car

Cardi B spent thousands of dollars on a luxurious and extravagant van. It’s about the incredible Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. Swipe to find out more!

Talking about Cardi B is talking about an artist of a level extremely successfulwhose singles are part of the TOP world music. Author of “WAP” and “UP”, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar has a flow of countless reproductions on streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify. In addition, the artist accumulates a total of 145 million followers on Instagram.

On top of all this, Cardi B got a huge amount of prizesof which stand out the Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, among others. All this makes us think of her as current queen of Hip-Hop, dethroning the incomparable Nicki Minaj. With a crazy flow and not suitable for Haters, Cardi B represents skin deep to those people who emerged from the already known Bronx.

Accustomed to their luxurious and eccentric life, the artist unveiled her luxurious and eccentric Mercedes Benz G-Wagon valued at thousands of dollars. Despite not knowing how to drive, Cardi B proudly posed next to this incredible and exclusive truck and at Tork we will show it to you in detail. Swipe to see it!

Cardi B posing next to her extravagant Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

If we talk about the Hip-Hop genre, the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is undoubtedly the car of the moment. Originally used for military use in 1979, managed to position itself over time as a SUV for commercial tourism. With a 6.3-litre twin-turbo V12 enginethis truck is consolidated as a true all-roundersuitable for almost any type of road. It reaches a top speed of 220 km/h and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

If we talk about its interior, the G-Wagon is nothing like its 1979 versions. 100% modernized, this incredible high-end car achieves thanks to its black and brown details an aspect sober but elegant. Covered with seats of the best leather on the marketwe can affirm that the German house Mercedes Benz continues on the podium of the most elegant cars worldwide.

This is what the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon looks like inside

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