Netflix releases for the month of July

With the beginning of the month of July, new releases also arrive on the Netflix streaming platform, each of them expected by fans and others who keep them in expectation, these are:

Stranger Things (July 1)

One of the most anticipated series, premieres its second part of the fourth season, after a new evil stalks Hawkings and ‘Eleven’ loses his powers and while trying to get them back, ‘Vecna’ attacks the town and murders 3 teenagers, the group divides again and tries to beat him, but can not, this volume 2 brings a bit of suspense and action to the fans with an appetizer of what will be the fifth season.

The Longest Night (July 8)

A mini series that only consists of six episodes. Starring Alberto Ammann, Luis Callejo and Bárbara Goenaga and set in a psychiatric prison, a group of armed men free a dangerous serial killer, to do so, they cut off external communication, however the director of the prison will not let him so easy, so the night becomes more and more violent and a little terrible.

Dangerous Liaisons (July 8)

Célene is an unusual teenager, she likes reading, outside social networks and of course, an old-fashioned love and much more true, but her friends insist on always bothering her, including the boy she likes.

Resident Evil (July 14)

This time the world-renowned series is set 14 years after the epidemic that was caused by a drug, with only 8 episodes Residet Evil promises for viewers who once had the opportunity to see the movie.

DB Cooper: Where are you? (July 13)

A documentary that recounts the case of the hijacking of an airplane in 1996, by a man named DB Cooper, this was carried out in the United States. Aboard the Boeing 727, this man managed to receive 200,000 dollars for the ransom and jumps in a parachute, managing to escape police justice.

Persuasion (July 15)

Dakota Johnson is Anne Elliot, a woman who rebels during the Victorian era against a convention and seizes the moment to go after her old suitor.

The Invisible Agent (July 22)

With the participation of renowned actors such as Ryan Goling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Billy Bob Thornton, the espionage film tells the story of a CIA agent who is released from prison with the aim of capturing a dangerous criminal.

Mismatched (July 29)

Neil Patrick will be the protagonist of this funny and interesting series, which presents the story of a man with a perfect life until his partner leaves him after 17 years of marriage, so he thinks everything is falling apart.

Fanatic (July 29)

It tells the story of a musician who kills himself at a concert, in front of all his fans. It is a mini series of 5 episodes of 20 minutes each.

Badly Wounded Hearts (July 29)

It is about a girl who wants to succeed in music, while falling in love with a Marine. This film is in the romantic-musical category.

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