Netflix’s Revenge Now and other similar movies and series about vengeful teenagers that will blow your mind

With revenge nowNetflix has hit a special target, because it has convinced both movie fans and teen series current as well as millennials who grew up in the 90s with stories of high school intrigue and revenge. This feature film on the American platform, starring Maya Hawke (stranger things) Y Camila Mendez (Riverdale), has crept into the top of the most watched for its nostalgic spirit, the charisma of its cast and its narrative twists. If you liked it, you cannot miss this selection that we have thought of. We have left out, yes, gossip-girl Y Elitebecause they are the most obvious recommendations (and surely you have already seen them), and the mythical school for young killersbecause it is not available in streaming.


You can see it on: Netflix

CluelessEverett Collection / Everett Collection / Cordon Press

One of the founding films of the genre (at least seen from this prism of high school intrigues with its cynical point) is Cluelesswhich launched to fame Alice Silverstone. It revolves around Cher and Dionne, two hedonistic girls willing to do anything to maintain their status.

Bad Girls

You can see it on: Amazon Prime Video

Bad Girls© Paramount / Courtesy Everett Coll

Ten years later, the acclaimed Tina Fei (30 rocks) wrote this film-reformulation of clueless that would end up being just as iconic. with some young Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams as protagonists, follow in the footsteps of a newly arrived student who becomes enemies with the wrong person…

cruel intentions

You can see it on: Apple TV + (rent or buy)

cruel intentionsUnited Archives / Cordon Press

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