Network audios looking for prostitutes in Miami to steal with scopolamine – Investigative Unit

An argument over the cell phone with her ex-partner allowed specialized prosecutors to detect the plans of a dangerous and violent criminal whose criminal gang had whipped Bogota.

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After several years, the man had perfected a criminal activity that included express kidnappings and robberies with scopolamine which left them juicy profits.

Alias ​​Clown

Briam Stiv Patiño Ordóñez, aka Clown.


supplied by authorities

His victims ranged from businessmen to former members of the public force who they were drugged and violently beaten to hand over the keys to their cards.

The case became a priority for the CTI, which followed their steps closely. In fact, one of the members of the band realized that they were being followed and they had everything ready to transfer their criminal actions to two cities in the United States.

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In interceptions to their cell phones, in the power of EL TIEMPO, the ringleader of the network asks his ex-wife to allow him to spend a night with his children and makes a confession.

Alias ​​Clown

Intercept ex-partner discussion

In this interception, “Clown” has a conversation with his ex-partner so that he lets him see his children.

“I want to make a visage and bye, if everything goes well I think I’ll take it off. You know that I can’t talk around here (…) let them see, I’m leaving and who knows if one will come back. I’m going so far away, and how about never seeing my kids again,” she says.

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who speaks is Briam Stiv Patiño Ordóñez, aka Clown, whom the authorities were following the trail for several months. He was finally captured last Wednesday, July 27, in a three-story house in the La Clarita neighborhood of Engativá, where he lived with his grandmother.

Alias ​​Clown

Alias ​​Payaso was captured last Wednesday, July 27, in a three-story house in the La Clarita neighborhood of Engativá.


supplied by authorities

Alias ​​Clown

Intercepting discussion with ex-partner

In this interception, Briam Stiv Patiño Ordóñez, alias Clown, tells his ex-partner that he is leaving and asks him to let him see his children.

‘We went out on Citytv’

Alias ​​Clown

Alias ​​Payaso was sent to La Modelo prison on July 29.


supplied by authorities

In that home, investigators found a traumatic gun with accessories, more than 10 million pesos in cashor hidden in different places and a dataphone with which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, the gang emptied the bank accounts of its victims after putting them to sleep with powerful doses of scopolamine.

A white Peugeot car was also found in which “Clown” and his accomplices they would have kidnapped, violently assaulted and robbed dozens of men. But prosecutors also found his passport, newly issued and still unused.

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Days ago, another call alerted the investigators. A man, who has not yet been identified, called him from Medellín and explained that they had to go to the United States, but first they had to make a stop. She even put a date on it.

“Where we arrive on October 31 here in Manrique, each one with his Mercedes, is us. Y we took off for a while because going out on Citytv, RCN (…)”, he tells ‘Payaso’. And, later, he asks her to go to the United States: “Let’s go, let them see the profile picture in the USA.”

Tomatoes 1

Interception trip to the United States

In this audio, an unidentified man explains that they had to go to the United States because they were going out on Citytv.

From Engativa to Los Angeles

Tomaseras: follow-ups

The authorities had been tracking the network for several months.


supplied by authorities

According to the conversations, the tentacles of the band, called ‘Las Tomaseras’, reaches at least two US cities.

“Right now they are telling me to come, they just bought some apartments there in Los Angeles. They have some vans, they are telling me to arrive (…) we go and ‘take’ because they have prepaid and everything in Miami”, assures the ‘Payaso’ contact.

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In the call, the latter tells his interlocutor that he does not know how much money he has to travel, that he has to count it and that, if he needs it, he would take care of telling his brother to sell the car. But that would not be the only strategy that he would be using to get the money.

Alias ​​Clown

Interception purchase of apartment in Miami

In this audio, a ‘Payaso’ contact assures that they have just bought some apartments and vans in Los Angeles, United States.

Alias ​​Clown

In the house where “Payaso” was captured, they found a traumatic pistol with accessories, more than 10 million pesos in cash hidden in different places and a dataphone.


supplied by authorities

Jose Manuel Martinez

José Manuel Martínez, director of the Bogotá branch of the Attorney General’s Office.

Apparently, the robbery of a senior in retirement from the Policewho was held for more than 24 hours after intercepting him in a bar in Galerías (Teusaquillo), was part of the hits with which he sought to raise money to leave the country. The uniformed man was robbed of his high-end truck and a firearm.

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“The former officer was in a commercial establishment in the Galleries and he was approached by two women, who would have given him a substance that brought him down. The film records established that the man left the place in a bad state and was forced to get into his vehicle, “explained José Manuel Martínez Malaver, sectional director of the Bogotá Prosecutor’s Office.

The other ‘Tomaseros’

Tomaseras band

The criminal network of ‘Payaso’ appropriated not only the name, but also the modus operandi of the well-known gang ‘Los Tomaseros’, which also commits crimes in Bogotá.


supplied by authorities

Alias ​​Payaso was sent to La Modelo prison on July 29 accused of the crimes of simple kidnapping and qualified and aggravated robbery. And although he did not accept charges, the Prosecutor’s Office claims to have enough evidence to convict him.

Meanwhile, investigators are closely following some of his accomplices.

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Everything indicates that the criminal network of ‘Clown’ appropriated not only the name, but also the modus operandi of the renowned band ‘Los Tomaseros’, also from Bogota. This was dismantled in 2020, after two officials from the United States embassy in the capital were kidnapped. In fact, the FBI supported the investigation for the capture of its members.

For now, investigators are on the trail of other criminal gangs that in the same way in Bogotáand that have under sight the main pink areas of the city.

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