New school: Juss finally reveals where his scar comes from which “is not from the scooter”

That’s it, New school, the Netflix rap contest, it’s over. This Thursday, June 23, 2022, during the grand finale of which we have offered you the best moments in tweets, Shay, Niska and SCH have finally announced the name of the winner of the 100,000 euros at stake.

This French adaptation of Rhythm + Flow was a hit and some candidates caused a stir on the web. A battle between two has also made a lot of talk. juice, an 18-year-old rapper, has also become a real social media phenomenon. His presentation to Soso Maness and CHS is picked up a lot on TikTok. Indeed, when the first city asked him where his scar on the face came from, the young artist wanted to keep the mystery and answered him: “Oh that’s not a scooter“. A repartee that both amused and intrigued the public.

In an interview with Raw, Juss finally revealed why he has that scar. “The mark on my cheek? Ah mashed that one she turned! As I said on the show ‘it’s not a scooter’. That’s life, let’s say. When we shot the show, I was in a rather complicated period. And here it came from a fight, as there were plenty of them. Like many people have lived. When filming for Netflix they told me to take out this little valve about that, which I had told them in the dressing room a little before. So I took it out at the Velodrome and it made them love it“.

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