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The developers of instant messaging app Telegram have released version 10.5.0, which brings significant improvements aimed at voice and video calls.

This latest update pack follows the recent Christmas update. Version 10.5.0, released on January 1st, features an updated user interface with new animations and noticeable aesthetic improvements. Most impressive, however, is the complete overhaul of voice and video calling.

The new interface not only provides a more attractive appearance, but also improves the overall performance of Telegram.

These improvements not only improve the visual experience, but also optimize resource consumption, reducing the load on devices on which the application is installed, and, as a result, extending battery life.

An official statement published on the Telegram blog also noted an improvement in call quality, indicating that the quality of voice and video calls has risen to a higher level.

In addition to improvements in calls, the developers have devoted time and effort to improving the “bots” in Telegram. These bots can now respond to messages, send replies, and encourage user interaction.

Despite these achievements, Telegram developers suggest that 2024 will be a year of news for the platform, promising more significant updates in the coming months.

This constant push for innovation can be interpreted as a strategic response to the recent updates to the industry-leading app WhatsApp.

Competition in the messaging app space is intense and Telegram seems determined to keep up with or even exceed the expectations of its users in this dynamic market.

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