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Featured programming will include titles screened from the Cannes Film Festival, including Jury Prize winner Nadav Lapid’s AHED’S KNEE, as well as Med Hondo’s OH, SUN; DECEPTION, by Arnaud Desplechin; MARINER OF THE MOUNTAINS, by Karim Aïnouz; THE TSUGUA DIARIES, by Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes; SUMMER OF CHANGSHA, by Zu Feng; and SYCORAX by Lois Patiño and Matías Piñeiro.

The cycle dedicated to Joachim Trier is completed with OSLO, AUGUST 31ST, a film that portrays a character tormented by the world of drugs, with an understanding and authentic tone.

Other titles are INCIDENT BY A BANK, by Ruben Östlund, a short film about social apathy and self-absorption; Martin Scorsese’s KUNDUN, an emotional film about the Dalai Lama’s early years; and PERFECT SENSE, by David Mackenzie, a love story in a pandemic context.


This month MUBI presents GREAT FREEDOM, by Sebastian Meise, a love story about homosexuality in a context of Post-War Germany, where it was condemned by the repressive law of Paragraph 175; and Nadav Lapid’s AHED’S KNEE, a film about an Israeli filmmaker struggling with the loss of freedom in his country and the fear of losing his mother.

Other releases include Arnaud Desplechin’s DECEPTION, an adaptation of Philip Roth’s autobiographical romantic novel with an explosively emotional tone; and MARINER OF THE MOUNTAINS, by Karim Aïnouz, a personal documentary by the author on his first trip to Algeria, a journey where he reflects on family ties, the Algerian war of independence, and draws comparisons between Brazil and Algeria.

Also available will be THE TSUGUA DIARIES, by Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes, a summer story, filmed in 16mm, during the COVID-19 pandemic; and SYCORAX, by Lois Patiño together with Matías Piñeiro, a dreamlike reinvention of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

MUBI Exclusives

The platform features titles only available to its subscribers, such as this month’s THE LAW OF THE BORDER, by Lütfi Ömer Akad, a neo-western restored by The World Cinema Project, which has changed the way social issues are covered in this type of feature film.

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Winner of Un Certain Regard at Cannes last year, GREAT FREEDOM follows Hans (Franz Rogowski, TRANSIT), a gay man in postwar Germany living under Paragraph 175, a repressive law that made homosexuality a reason to go to prison. Over the decades, Hans is repeatedly imprisoned for his sexuality, while he develops an increasingly close relationship with his cellmate, Viktor, a convicted murderer serving a life sentence. What begins as revulsion blossoms over time into something much more tender, something closer to love, in this powerful and moving drama that confirms Rogowski’s place as one of the best actors working in Europe. A MUBI premiere. May 6th.

AHED’S KNEE. The provocative fourth feature film by Nadav Lapid that shared the jury prize at last year’s Cannes with Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s MEMORY. The film features a celebrated Israeli filmmaker as he struggles with the loss of freedom in his country and the fear of losing his mother, reflecting the intensely emotional work of Lapid, who wrote the film shortly after the death of the his own mother. May 18

DECEPTION. An exciting job that took 30 years to complete. The great filmmaker, Arnaud Desplechin, returns with DECEPTION (Cannes ’21), an adaptation of Philip Roth’s autobiographical novel of the same name. The film follows an American writer, Philip (Denis Podalydès), whose life in London is complicated by an affair with a married woman (Léa Seydoux). This powerful tale of sex and loyalty, love and deceit lays bare all the hallmarks of Desplechin’s gift to meld rigorous intellectual discourse and explosive emotion. May 20th

MARINER OF THE MOUNTAINS. A featured film last year at Cannes. Acclaimed Brazilian filmmaker Karim Aïnouz (THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF EURIDICE GUSMAO) returns with a deeply personal documentary that finds the director embarking on his first trip to Algeria, the home of his father. From the Mediterranean to the Atlas Mountains, Aïnouz’s journey is a moving and poetic piece of autofiction that finds the filmmaker, driven by the spirit of his late mother, reflecting on the family ties that bind, while deciphering buried childhood memories. , his romantic vision of the Algerian War of Independence, and draws parallels between Brazil and Algeria, in this profound and emotionally epic work. may 23

THE TSUGUA DIARIES. This charming and nostalgic summer tale from Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes, which premiered at Cannes last year, blurs the lines between documentary and fiction, becoming a film about a film, where the spirit of collaboration is palpable. Filmed entirely in 16mm during the COVID-19 lockdown in August 2020 in Portugal. 25 of May

SYCORAX. Selected for last year’s Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, Lois Patiño and Matías Piñeiro join forces for this dreamlike reinvention of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. This floating virtual theater piece challenges the patriarchal understanding of SYCORAX, long known only as the mother of Caliban and the first to set foot on the island, and imbues this misunderstood character with a new sense of humanity. May 30


THE LAW OF THE BORDER. Restored by Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project, Turkish master Lütfi Ömer Akad’s taut and elegant neo-western is here, a film that changed the way that country’s directors approached social issues. His raw poetic realism feels like a fable, but he has the sharp eye of the documentary and does not shy away from revealing the cruel reality of rural life.- May 4


OSLO, AUGUST 31ST. After the arrival of REPRISE we completed the special dedicated to the Norwegian director Joachim Trier with OSLO, AUGUST 31ST (2011), an empathetic character study that portrays a drug addict facing his demons that results in a rewarding, authentic and understanding. May 7th

INCIDENT BY A BANK. Swedish provocateur Ruben Östlund’s short film that thrust him into the international spotlight by winning the Golden Bear. In this witty short he reconstructs a real event in one shot, while taking a hilarious and prickly examination of social apathy and self-absorption. May 8

KUNDUN. Martin Scorsese directs a moving portrait of a young Dalai Lama, in which he recounts his early life. The smooth, meditative film is accompanied by compositions by Phillip Glass and photography by Roger Deakins. may 14

PERFECT SENSE. A love story by David Mackenzie, starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green as a chef and a scientist who fall in love against the backdrop of a pandemic. With music by Max Richter. 15 th of May


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