Next: Eva Green in her best role (Critics)

Alisa Vinokur signs the ambitious film “Impression from a Mother, a Women’s Message.”

Sort of the end of 2019 in the cinema, Next It will be dispersed in the sounds of art. Premiere vous le conseille, surtout si vous aimez Eva Greenat this moment on the poster Troyes Musketeers – Milady. Express our criticism of Alisa Vinokur’s film.

In this film, Alisa Vinokur is an explorer of new territories. They are prime long, Augustine Describe the relationship between Professor Charcot and a hysterical patient in France at the end of the 19th century. They are double MarylandIt’s a paranoid thriller that explores the relationships between a group of bodies suffering from post-traumatic stress, returning from Afghanistan, and a woman who needs to be protected.

Avec Next, a realistic piece in the spirit of the discovery of the world in space: an astronaut confronts the separation of eight children and before landing a journey into Earth’s orbit. The films evoke journeys driven by meme ambition. Celle d’évoluer à chaque fois dans un environnement Extreme Realiste. Avec NextAlisa Vinokur, we look at the ports of the structures through which European astronauts enter, in Cologne, in Star City in Moscow and in Baikonur. Detail minute preparation, accuracy of training. The stage is set for the viewer to relive this experience, immersing himself in a world that cultivates mystery towards the general public. And all this with a realism that never uses texts and poetry, like the soul of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s sophisticated and enthematic music (Survivor).

Pate / Dharamsala / Darius Films

Premiere out Next, these are presenters of travelers in space, like ordinary people. Feeney, the era of superheroes! Movie visiting astronauts are scientists, athletes outside of society, and people with human abilities and emotions. Voilà pourquoi, si la realisatrice will reconnect with the problems of recent films, as now. Hell Astra OU First manare Next don’t run with yourself.

An original car performed by the main character, female astronaut Sarah. A hero who develops in a universal profession that is essentiellement masculin, either his competencies do not stop the omissions in the cause, or he does it instantly, proving more than others. This is a female astronaut talking about a realist, this is a beautiful face in the spirit of misogyny, more Australians, parfois, refusing femininity. Ce qui est encore plus complexe quand on est aussi mère, like Sarah. Une Mère Divorcée qui, sans que son ex-compagnon soit absent – ​​bien au contraire –, se Retrouve le plus souvent à Assuming le quotidien de son enfant.

And, là encore, in the description of this mère-fille relationship, Alisa Vinokur found ton juste. Next ne cherche never used a magnifying glass la maternité: le Film Rappelle Qu’un Enfant, C’est also des Angoisses à Scaler, des Caprices à Gérer… Une succession de montagnes russes émotionnelles alourdies par la question of long separation and potential danger de mort qui entoure of this mission.

For this greater courage, the realist by choice of Eva Green, do not do the port differently, l’apparente froideur and le jeu dépouillé de tout artifice apportent de la profondeur au recit. The comic is also never available. Alisa Vinokur is surrounded by second solid roles, she appears as the impressionable debutante Zelie Boulan-Lemesl, who, neither model nor rebel, does not hesitate between the maturity of a divorced child and the innocence of a happy play of reverses. At the resort Next I noted forever the beauty of this adventure, the delivery of health to all the female astronauts presented in the semi-end, and confidence in life, for the sake of their theme, three beautiful films about the difficulties of life. .femme dans le monde d’aujourd’hui. A feminine film, in feeling plus the sublime du Terme.

Eva Green: “I will repeat once again that I realized that I want to play in Tara”

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