nice compact car hits the streets of Spain

Fiat has unveiled the Topolino, a compact two-seater electric car that bears the name of a model produced by the brand between 1935 and 1955 and that could compete with a car with similar characteristics and even from the same Stellantis group.

The name Topolino comes from literal translation of the word “mouse” into Italianwhich is surprising when you see its size. comes with 100% electric motorizationand the ability to drive it from 15 years of age as it is approved as a quadricycle and therefore suitable to drive as long as you have an AM licence.

The image of Topolino is taken from vintage car with updated partssuch as chrome, round headlights or bumpers that remind us of the model from almost 100 years ago.

Fiat Topolino 1936.

Air with the original model?

It has approved autonomy and maximum speed of 75 km and 45 km/h. The maximum speed, which, due to the operating conditions of the model and the roads on which its movement is limited to a maximum speed of 30 km/h, is more than sufficient.

New Fiat Topolino.

Time Full charge takes 4 hours from 0% to 100%.which is ideal for charging overnight, at work or at school/university.

This leads to them competing or becoming alternatives within the Stellantis group itself. Citroen Ami.

Citroen Ami.

Accessible from 9890 euroThe new Topolino can take advantage of the Moves III plan to get the corresponding discounts since it is a 100% electric car, but if you want one, you won’t be able to go to the dealership as you traditionally did because Your sales process is completely online. You can also purchase it from 54 euros per month in 35 installments, with an initial payment of 2999 euros and a final payment of 6279.16 euros.

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