NIE agents fill out a search warrant at Cesco de Manatí

Agents of the Special Investigations Bureau (NIE) fill out this morning, Tuesday, six search warrants at the offices of Cesco de Manatí, an inspection center in Barceloneta and various agencies in three other municipalities.

“We are starting an investigation and we are in the initial stage,” he told The new day The prosecutor Rodney Rios MedinaDirector of the Economic Crimes Division of the Justice Departmentwhich collaborates in the investigation with the NIE.

In addition to the interventions in Manatí and Barceloneta, the NIE and Justice raided agencies in Vega Baja, Manatí and Ciales.

Because it is an ongoing investigation, Ríos Medina refused to provide details about what they are looking for in these places. He indicated, however, that the investigation is based on complaints and reports “from different sources.”

The NIE disclosed the search efforts in a publication on its social networks, along with images showing several officers at the Cesco in Manatí and a truck with the NIE logo.

The search warrants were issued by the judge Ilyana White Maldonadoof the Court of First Instance of San Juan, and are processed together with experts from the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF), occupying documentary and digital evidence.

The Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) is also collaborating with this investigation.

“This is an investigation that is going to take time… we have started with these places that we are raiding. As the investigation develops, it will be expanded. added Ríos Medina, who did not rule out other interventions as part of the investigation.

The NIE belongs to the Department of Public Security (DSP). A measure endorsed in the Senate and before the House of Representatives he proposes to return him to Justice.

Among the crimes that the NIE can investigate are drug trafficking and offenses against public integrity. It also provides assistance to victims and witnesses. In addition, it can investigate the bribery of public employees or officials, as well as allegations of corruption, irregularities, improper conduct or conduct that affects the integrity of the Government.

It has other functions, such as keeping the Interpol telecommunications network active in Puerto Rico.

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