Nieves Álvarez’s exercise with which you will burn calories

    Do you remember when we used to jump rope with authentic mastery as children in the playground? Well, how do you stay if we tell you that, with that fast movement to the rhythm of the fashionable popular song, now, You will be able to burn fat and tone your whole body in just a few minutes. Yes, skipping rope has become the perfect substitute for practicing running. A fact that, given the current heat waves, we appreciate; it we can perform in the comfort of home watching our favorite series.

    And it is just that comfort together with the summer heat that has prompted many of us let’s recover some of the old habits that we started during the time of the pandemic as, in effect, Jump to the camber.

    Retake them or continue with them as has been the case with Nieves Alvarez who shared, through their social networks, that good morning skipping rope with good views always give a very positive result.


    And it is that more than two years ago we began to see how the model introduced this cardiovascular exercise to his routines from the roof of his house with the one he gets, as Crys Dyaz dictatedincrease aerobic capacity, while power the work of all the leg muscles.

    Also, it favors a great definition and toning of the buttocks. His progress, comparing before and after this exercise, is undeniable. A fact that, after seeing her posed (almost) naked again at the age of 48 on Instagram, we cannot help but firmly confirm.

    Nieves Álvarez jumping rope in a pandemic (@officialnievesa/instagram)

    However, it should be noted that this silhouette is the work of a jump rope exercise and, of course, of Tracy Anderson’s method (yes, the one made fashionable by Gwyneth Paltrow) that she has been practicing for more than two years and with which she has achieved that level of toning in buttocks and legs which is simply on another level.

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    Benefits of jumping rope

    As can be seen in Nieves’s own silhouette, skipping rope is a magnificent exercise for keep your heart active and of course your muscles while help tone your legs Y burn some calories in a healthy way.

    In fact, the camber is usually present in most of the weight loss workouts for its impressive capacity. And it is that, according to some studies and professionals, if you jump for an hour you could burn almost 1,000 calories… Although, you have to have a good resistance for it.

    The best? It is an ultra-cheap and very easy-to-find gadget (remember Lidl’s smart jump rope that became the new best seller in the supermarket) that you are going to get the most out of. A recommendation?

    Wireless Jump Rope



    This wireless version allows us take it with us in our travel suitcase and, since it does not have a rope (although you can incorporate the one that comes if you wish), it does not require much space.

    The best thing is that it has an LED screen that shows you the weight, the time, the laps and the calories that you have burned so that, like this, you can have more control.

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