NLE Choppa Claims He Can Cure Justin Bieber’s Facial Paralysis

Recently, Justin Bieber announced that his face was paralyzed, forcing him to cancel his next concerts. Always ready to help, NLE Choppa offers to cure the popstar of her ailments.

NLE Choppa ready to help Justin Bieber

While on Twitter, NLE Choppa will have invited Bieber fans to send the message to the popstar: he would be ready to help him, going so far as to cure him of the evil that is currently affecting him.

As a reminder, the Canadian has Ramsay Hunt syndrome. A virus having as he himself explained “attacked the nerves of his ear and face”, resulting in paralysis. Currently being treated and already having to anticipate rehabilitation, the singer can also count on the support of Choppa, who had already claimed last year to have cured cancer with herbs: “I tried to get my label to contact Justin Bieber on Instagram, I don’t know if it got sent as I don’t manage the account. But can you do me a favor and let him know that I can help him? I can help and care for him. »

As a reminder, NLE Choppa had announced not so long ago that he wanted to quit music to become a full-time herbalist: “I’m going to buy out my contracts and become a full-time herbalist. I will forget the music and help my people. »

As mentioned a few lines above, he thinks he has cured cancer thanks to herbalism: “Wow man, I just found out: I helped someone recover from cancer. It’s huge for me. »

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