No more unwanted phone calls: is the turning point near?

If the promises are not betrayed, a turning point may be near unwanted phone calls that you receive on your smartphones every day. By the end of the month, according to Corriere della Sera, the new regulation could already be in force, which would expand the applicability of the Public Register of Oppositions, transferring the same functions also to mobile telephone numbers.

The new Public Register of Oppositions

A turning point, in short, because it would mean that the State would implement what is now possible only by installing special filter apps on the main numbers reported as unwanted by the community. “In a few weeks the new regulation on the opposition register will be active, extended to automated calls, without operators and on mobile telephony“, With these words the confirmation would come from Simone Baldelli, president of the Parliamentary Commission on Consumer Protection, complete with confirmation from the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin: “The regulatory proposal has already been agreed to receive the opinions and then proceed to transmission to the Council of Ministers for deliberation and then to the President of the Republic“.

The RPO is now available with a special official website that lists its definition, functions and opportunities:

The Public Register of Oppositions […] is a free service for the user that allows you to oppose the use for advertising purposes of the telephone numbers you own and the corresponding associated postal addresses, present in the public lists, by operators who carry out marketing activities through the telephone and / or paper mail. With the RPO it is possible to block the processing of personal data, present in public telephone directories, by operators who use these directories to carry out marketing activities by telephone and / or paper mail. The opposition does not cancel the validity of the consents for contacts with commercial purposes, issued directly by users to the individual companies, without prejudice to the right of opposition pursuant to art. 21 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. […] By telephone subscriber we mean the user – or any natural person, legal person, organization or association – holder of a telephone number present in public telephone directories. In order not to receive unsolicited commercial communications, the subscriber can object to the processing of his / her data, carried out by telephone and / or paper mail, by registering his / her telephone number with the RPO free of charge.

Particularly important is the fact that the new Register should cancel all previous consents, becoming a fundamental reference for expressing the user’s wishes. Tabula rasa, in short: previous consents become fragile in the presence of the new Registry and the latter will have priority over any rights previously acquired by telemarketing agencies. Any promotional initiative by telephone will therefore have to interface with the Registry from now on, drawing only on the list of users who have not proactively requested exclusion.

Everything changes not only when the mobile numbers enter the new Register, but also when there is total clarity on the possibilities offered to telemarketing, nailing them to their possible responsibilities.

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