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Luca De Lellis

Optimism filters out on the Covid-19 front in Italy. The data, in comparison with the situation of 7 days ago, allow us to make forecasts that bode well in view of the summer season. Although the positivity rate remains more or less unchanged, always stable around 15%, the 30,804 cases recorded mean a – 24.4% compared to 40,757 on Sunday 1 May. Hospital pressure also remains at acceptable levels, despite seeing a weekly increase in intensive care equal to 6.1%.

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Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health, praised the government policies which, according to him, will allow “a summer without restrictions” starting from 15 June. In fact, “the country and the government have chosen the gradual approach to tackle the pandemic, in restrictive measures and easing. After two years there is a different responsibility on the part of the citizens, so much so that in some situations they continue to wear masks. It is time to trust the Italians ”, declared Costa in his interview with Radio24. However, the situation remains to be monitored: after the substantial elimination of the Green Pass, the risk is to face the pandemic lightly and fall back into the nightmare in the autumn. Therefore it is necessary “to proceed with the fourth dose for the elderly and the frail because it makes them more protected, as well as booster for the approximately three million citizens who are waiting for the booster dose. It is important to complete the vaccination cycle so that we are all protected in the event of a possible resurgence of the virus “.

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The scenario in Italy, for now, is very distant from what is happening in China, the country that conceived the virus. Millions of people are in fact under lockdown and the containment policies that have led only to a slight reduction of new positive cases are causing an unsustainable cost both economically and socially. The Chinese, in various cities, are forced to segregate at home and run out of food for days. This has led to vehement protests from citizens, as happened in Shanghai. Andrea Costa provided his version on the theme: “The problem is linked to a different objective pursued by the Chinese regime, that of zero contagion. Utopian and unattainable. We know that it is impossible: we must live with the virus to allow the country and the hospitals to move forward without being under pressure ”.

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