North West: reality TV, dinette and Instagram

PODCAST – This new episode of Scandals ponders Kim Kardashian and North West’s daughter and her childhood spent in the spotlight. A marketing tool like any other for his parents?

It all started in 2012. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West then announced that they were in a relationship. Today the news seems obvious, immutable, almost destined. The queen of reality TV and the most megalomaniac rapper of her generation together is like a sacred union. Just eight months after the formalization of their relationship, Kim Kardashian becomes pregnant. North West was born on June 15, 2013, in Los Angeles. And already, the tabloids are revealing the details of her mother’s difficult childbirth. During the following years, the media attraction for the girl’s life only grew.

The spotlights shone on his father, a rap genius, and his mother, popess of reality TV, splash their light on him. Since then, North West has never fallen into the shadows. We have seen her open her eyes with Hermès slippers, celebrate her first birthday in a Ferris wheel installed in her garden, and carry her first Birkin bag at 6 years old. Over time, she has, without a doubt, become the most exposed child on social media. Blessing or burden? From the height of its 9 years, North West embodies, whatever it is, the succession of the most incredible family in America.

In this mini-series devoted to the children of stars, the journalist Sarah Dahan questions: how does a child experience the fact of constantly evolving in the spotlight? What sets North West apart from other celebrity kids, like Suri Cruise or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? Is she a marketing tool like any other for her parents? Or better: is she the future of her clan’s flourishing business? To answer these questions, Sarah Dahan revisited the childhood of an heiress like no other. At his microphone follow one another:

  • Emily Kirkpatrick, journalist at Vanity Fair US
  • Sarah Jean-Jacques, researcher specializing in gender and sexuality issues
  • Pascal Lardellier, sociologist and author of Generation 3.0

Scandals is a podcast by Madame Figaro, presented by Marion Galy-Ramounot, and produced by Lucile Rousseau-Garcia. Sarah Dahan wrote and shot this mini-series, under the editorial direction of Océane Ciuni. François Clos produced and mixed it, to music composed by Jean Thévenin and François Clos. Scandalsis a podcast produced by Louie Creative, Louie Media’s audio content creation agency.

This episode entitled “North West: reality TV, dinette and Instagram” can be listened to for free on all platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Spotify from August 3, 2022.

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