Not everything is Dragon Ball Super; know the movie premieres for the following weekend

The cinema will soon have several premieres that you cannot miss. This new stage of post-COVID-19 cinema has reactivated film companies. The seventh art currently gives us a wide variety of content suitable for all ages and for all tastes.

So we leave you these premiere recommendations for next week so that you can attend with your family, with your partner or why not? only.

Ladder to hell

The first recommendation is a horror film called Ladder to hell, directed by lel director Brendan Muldowney. The story is about the arrival of the Woods family to her new house and after a series of supernatural events and the disappearance of Mrs. Woods’ daughter, she decides to thoroughly investigate what is happening in her new enclosure to recover her son. daughter.

With the participation of Elisha Cuthbert, Abby Fitz and Tara Lee.

Premiere next August 18

fighting for my life

The second recommendation is about the movie fighting for my life from director Barry Levinson which is set in Nazi concentration camps in World War II. The story is about Ben Foster and his peculiar way of surviving fighting to the death for his life.

In the same way, his redemption takes place once he escapes in the United States where he leads his life as a boxer overwhelmed by the ghosts of his past.

The characters and actors are:

  • Ben FosterHarry Haft
  • Vicky KriepsMiriam Wolfsoniker
  • Billy MagnussenSchneider
Barry Levinson has been nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Original Screenplay for his film Justice for All.

Dragon Ball: Superhero

For the children of the house, you cannot miss the premiere of Dragon Ball: Superhero. The story is in charge of the super saiyan Goku, who will face a new android threat. The villains will be Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. However, the production company Crunchyroll announced that the Latin dubbing will be carried out by the original voices that dubbed the series in the 90s.

  • Luis Manuel Avila – Gohan
  • Carlos Segundo – Piccolo
  • Maria Castaneda – Goku
  • Rene Garcia – Vegeta
Crunchyroll is a Japanese anime and drama film production and distribution company.

The Prodigy

Last recommendation is The Prodigy by director Ludovic Bernard. The film is about a young pianist named Mathueu Malinski, who is affected by poor decision-making in his life. And by chance, his music saves him and gives him a second chance.

The cast is carried out by the actors Lambert Wilson, Jules Benchetrit, Karidja Touré and Kristin Scott Thomas.

The Prodigy is classified in genre as drama, romance. It opens on August 18, 2022

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