Not just Bitcoin: Ethereum, the other record

The good moment of Bitcoin is not limited to this one and only asset (although dominant on the world of cryptocurrencies). The good moment, indeed, also and above all thanks to the tow of Bitcoin, extends to most of the other cryptocurrencies available on the market and there is another currency in particular to shine in these hours: it is Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum, the record is close

The previous ceiling recorded by Ethereum dates back to June, precisely in the days when Bitcoin was retreating after the highs of April. In those weeks, Ethereum experienced an incredible flare up by going up 100% within a month and then losing exactly the same percentage over the next month. The blaze just over 4180 dollars it was therefore a kind of isolated case and in August the currency was still below $ 2,000.

At that point, a softer and more solid rise began, which brought Ethereum first into orbit 3000, then again touching the all-time highs. In the last few hours, investors’ wrists have returned to tremble: Ethereum knocked at 4180, stopping a few cents below and now finding itself at the crossroads. Go down and retrace while waiting for news on the sector or go up and aim for new records on the thrust of new speculative outbursts?

Ethereum, from November 2020 to October 2021

Those who invested in Ethereum a week ago are earning 8%; those who invested in it two weeks ago have over 20% in their pockets; those who invested in it a month ago celebrate + 40%. Those who invested in it a year ago have practically increased their value tenfold. Almost tenfold, that’s right: anyone who bought $ 1,000 of Ethereum can now resell for $ 9,000. If in the meantime you want to start understanding how to invest in cryptocurrencies, to evaluate at no cost how the sector moves, you can start today from here.

In the next few hours Bitcoin and Ethereum will hold hands in the face of a new big leap: sentiment is positive, but the sector is certainly not new to thrills and roller coasters.

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