Notice about the “seventh wave” in Spain

With the cases triggered in the group of 60 years, the only one that is now reflected in the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health, the experts already speak of a seventh wave, not only because of the data, but also because of the consultations and the situation of the hospitals.

The immunologist Marcos López has granted an interview on Telecinco where he states that “yes, we are facing a seventh wave of coronavirus. We do not have real data, but everything points to yes. Four autonomies exceed 1,000 cases at 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants. In fact, there are specialists who warn of a “lack of control of COVID” in Spain not only because of BA.1, but also because of BA.2

He believes that the elimination of mandatory masks indoors “has not helped, the message that the mask should not be used indoors it has given the feeling that the virus was already gone“, Add.

Vaccinated and infected again

Regarding current sanitary measures, and how to proceed, “we cannot say that we can all kiss each other, not maintain ventilation… since it could happen to us like at Christmas, that the health system is saturated”.

“With Ómicron a third dose is necessary“, and since currently in Spain there is talk of community transmission of a new strain Omicron hybrid, the third dose or the booster dose is more necessary than ever.

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