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Flotation therapy is an innovative relaxation method. In accordance with the missionary law of complementary therapies BUR Wellness Therapies highlights the benefits of this practice for mental, physical and emotional balance.

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The epicenter of the epidemic was the innovative therapeutic center in Posadas. flotation therapy in missions. Called Wellness therapy BUR, is the third location in the country and the first in the province to offer this floating experience. There is an idea behind this wellness project Pamela Burbachpsychologist and owner of the space.

The therapeutic potential of floating is limitless. Recommended for people who want to experience feeling of weightlessness, as well as for those who want to supplement any treatment. “After 15 years as a psychologist, I noticed that many patients were looking for a place to care for themselves. “That’s how the idea for this space was born,” Burbach said.

Floatation therapy is a complementary and alternative medical therapy with evidence-based benefits such as pain and stress reduction.

What is floating therapy and how does it work?

Flotation therapy consists of swim in a bath containing 600 liters of water and 350 kilograms of magnesium sulfate.. The water has a temperature of 36 degrees and remains this way throughout the entire therapy. Another ingredient is magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salt. It is an important mineral for the balance of the central nervous system and is commonly deficient in our bodies.

Then, according to experts, while a person swims, these components penetrate through the pores of the skin and have a positive effect on both the digestive and nervous systems. It is carried out in special tanks where people feel weightlessness, eliminating external sensory distractions.

Likewise, the environment you are swimming in is 20 degrees or higher. This causes the nervous system to remain deprived of other stimuli such as sounds, light and other temperatures.

This process helps physical and mental relaxation, allowing the mind and body to enter a state of calm. “There are those who fall asleep during float therapy and then experience a state of very deep relaxation,” Burbach explained.

Zero gravity experience

Technically, weightlessness is a state in which a body having a certain weight is opposed by another force or remains in free fall without feeling the effects of gravity. This is what astronauts usually feel in spacecraft.

Pamela Burbach, psychologist and owner of BUR Wellness Therapies. “After 15 years as a psychologist, I noticed that many patients were looking for a place to care for themselves. That’s how the idea of ​​creating this space was born,” he said.

As part of this experience, you will be provided with a facilitator who will guide you through the process. It is the person who admits the patient, gives general explanations about the therapy and then remains outside the room. so that a person can connect with his inner world.

The second step is for the user to take a light shower. It then lands on a float and remains there for 50 minutes. Depending on the person’s needs, they assess each person’s specific situation, i.e. whether they have a medical or psychological diagnosis, and develop a tailored plan.


1. Reduce stress: Floating therapy has proven to be an effective antidote to daily stress, reducing cortisol levels and providing an escape where tension dissolves and calm prevails.

2. Relief of physical pain: Saltwater swimming relieves muscle and joint pain, offering a therapeutic respite for those seeking relief from chronic discomforts such as migraines, bruxism, osteoarthritis, arthritis and neck pain. It is also a therapy widely used by athletes for muscle recovery.

3. Improves Sleep Cycles: The deep relaxation caused by floating therapy leads to more restful sleep, which improves the quality and quantity of rest.

4. Mental stimulation: Experiences free from external stimuli promote concentration and mental clarity, providing positive cognitive boost and greater creativity.

The importance of holistic well-being

In these stressful times and fast-paced routines, it is often difficult to find moments to stop and connect with yourself. Thus, The inclusion of therapies such as floating emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to health. Pamela Burbach, with her decades of experience and career in psychology, offers a space focused on integrity, recognizing the relationship between mind and body.

There are even people who are looking for tools that complement medicine to improve their well-being: “There is a great openness on the part of Posadeños, who undoubtedly prefers to practice and develop personal self-care,” the specialist emphasized in dialogue with Channel 12.

Complementary treatments and the law that promotes them

Complementary therapies play an important role as they work in harmony with conventional medicine. They not only relieve physical symptoms, but also aim to improve mental and emotional health. In a world where comprehensive care is key, these methods appear to be valuable allies.

Law XVII – 170 “On the regulatory framework of traditional and complementary medicine”, approved in August 2022 House of Representatives of Misiones provides opportunities for the application of traditional and complementary medicine techniques and techniques in the public health system. This makes it the first province in the country to have such a regulation.

The legislation aims to promote responsible use of practices and treatments that integrate traditional and complementary medicine. It also promotes access, information, specialist training, research and development of knowledge and treatments of traditional and complementary medicine.

“This new paradigm for incorporating complementary therapies into health care law is very positive and valuable. We, health professionals, are very pleased with the adoption of this new law in Misiones,” Burbach said on this occasion.

BUR Wellness therapy, the space, which opened a few months ago, offers an experience that balances the mind, body and spirit. Flotation therapy is not the only innovative offering, as there are also disciplines such as holistic therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic massage, yoga classes, mindfulness, nutritional counseling and EMDR psychological treatmenta patient-centered approach that allows the therapist to stimulate the subject’s own healing mechanisms.

This new center not only reaffirms the city’s commitment to the well-being of its residents, but also highlights the ongoing development of therapeutic options available to improve the quality of life.

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