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The original 101 Dalmatians story, Cruella, has a Disney connection and sets the stage for the suite. Voici tout ce que nous savons on Disney’s Cruella 2. What can we expect from this suite?


  • A suite from Disney’s Cruella is in preparation.
  • Emma Stone played the role of Cruella de Vil.
  • A suite telling the story of “101 Dalmatians” on their way to Cruella.
  • Production of Cruella 2 is going into development for an encore.

Dance suite from “Cruella”

After successfully saving a Disney movie, “Cruella”fans are looking forward to new suites, “Cruella 2”. Craig Gillespie’s original film, starring Emma Stone as Estella, also known as Cruella de Vil, is a prequel to the classic film. “101 Dalmatians” et de Fondation à une Nouvelle Francia en Direct.

Origin at the top of the legend

In the late 70s, Cruella tells the commentary of a young orphan named Estella, who has become a fashion icon for white and black criminals and chevron criminals who adore four rudders, but most of all hate Dalmatians, a suite with traumatic experiences. in childhood. The film deeply explores the story of Cruella de Vil’s transformation. “Joker”-esque d’Estella en son alter ego et laissant la porte grande overte pour le prochain chapitre.

Latest news from Cruella 2

If Disney information has disappeared in recent years, Emma Stone is a suggestion for the day to promote “Cruella 2”. In an interview, he spoke with malice about starting a tour of the suite, stating: “Esperons, esperons that are like that, plus everything that’s late“. Elle a ensuite confirmed that the film is “était toujours en”implementation courses“, avant d’exprimer son amour pour le personanage de Cruella. “It’s simple, it’s better” said Stone, protesting his role.

The casting I promised

If an official announcement is made about the original suite announcement, please note that much of the original casting “Cruella” revive. This means that Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone will reprise the role, and that Paul Walter Hauser has officially confirmed that he will reprise the role of Horace.

What are you thinking?

The return of “Cruella” to the grand stage also promises to captivate with its premiere performance. Chemin d’Estella will see that the construction of the unyielding Cruella de Vil remains a fascinating topic. Emma Stone’s retrospective in this emblematic and complex role generates great anticipation. We don’t want to see a commentary that presents a dark and elegant man who continues to evolve and continues to surprise us.

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