OFFICIAL: Ladislav Kreci, Girona’s first player!

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He Girona already showing off his first new face ahead of the season in which he will make his debut in Champions League: Ladislav Kreci becomes the team’s first signing and signs for the next five seasons until 2029.

Yesterday he regretted the painful departure of Aleix Garcia to Bayer Leverkusen, and 24 hours later he announced his first transfer for next season.

Then it “goes forward” to Luciano Rodriguez who will not need much time to join the ranks of the Catalan team, since Your registration is already closed since a couple of days ago.

And this is a great and successful signing that will strengthen the defensive line which will certainly suffer from leaving Eric Garcia that his task will end and he will return to Football Club Barcelona.


Ladislav Krechi It has 25 years (04/20/1999) and plays as a central defender in Prague Sparta who finished first in Fortune League both in the regular phase and in the championship phase.

Is left-handed and have one great ball. And you can also see how it acts like rotate. His 1.91 m magnitude gives you the privilege to shine in air game.

Yes, he has an excellent goal sense, because this season he signed a contract nothing more and nothing less. 11 goals and seven assists in 39 games. Going no further, he has accumulated points throughout his professional career (219 games). 51 goals.

He will also be present at European Cup which begins today, representing Czech Republic which seeks to confirm its status as “revelation‘tournament, as in the last issue.


He is focused on his choices Norderstedtbut received permission to travel to Girona And close the signature. He will make his debut next Tuesday against Portugal from Christianso this will be a real trial by fire for him.

“I am very grateful to be part of this club and I can’t wait to take my first steps“, expresses Ladislav, who comes to Girona with great enthusiasm.

If we said it was a sale Aleks To Bayer Leverkusen She was the most expensive in the club – 18-20 million -, the Czech becomes most expensive signing from the history of the club. Its transfer is estimated at 11 million euros (eight plus three in variables).

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