Officials under scrutiny for decisions at Rams at Seahawks

Executives and coaches say the NFL needs to reevaluate how it selects and trains referees for the future

after multiple decisions controversial of the officers in the key match for the playoffs Sunday between los angeles rams Y seattle seahawksmultiple executives and coaches said the NFL needs to reevaluate the way it selects and trains its staffs. officers for future seasons.

Those same executives and coaches pointed out that officers of game and the league failed in multiple calls that helped for the key victory of the seahawks in extra time on rams who sent to Seattle to Wild Card Round this Saturday and prevented the detroit lions will reach the playoffs.

Even the NFL’s competition committee is aware of what a source described to ESPN as “the worst managed party of the year”.

Another executive from a team not associated with the rams either lions indicated to ESPN that there is “a real outpouring of disgust with the arbitration It’s much deeper than I’ve ever seen and honestly haven’t seen it in this league in years.”

Multiple sources told ESPN that the rams they were upset about him arbitrationthe lions they were also dissatisfied and the competition committee was frustrated about it. The calls benefited the seahawksharmed the rams and finally affected the lionsthat they needed Seattle lose for a chance to claim the last ticket to the Wild Card Round of the NFC.

The lions stunned the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night despite being eliminated due to a win by Seattle earlier.

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A source pointed to ESPN this week that the NFL needs to do a better job selecting, hiring and training its officers; the league cannot have games where the teams’ seasons are on the line and there are questionable calls like the Week 18 game between rams Y seahawks.

The arbitration It’s imperfect science, but the source told ESPN that there should be ways to mitigate those kinds of errors.

“The lions they should be furious,” a source told ESPN. “It was a horrible way for them to end their season.”

Almost halfway through the last quarter of the game between The Angels Y Seattlethe officers marked what some referees and coaches considered a questionable penalty for roughing up the kicker against the defensive end and special teams player of the United States. ramsJonah Williams, who was penalized for hitting the United States punter seahawksMichael Dickson.

According to league rules, roughing a kicker occurs when a defensive player “makes contact with the kicker’s kicking foot, even if the kicker is airborne when contact occurs,” or when a defensive player “slips under the kicker, preventing him from returning both feet to the ground.”

The rules stipulate that roughing the kicker should not be called if the defender “is pushed or blocked [causando un cambio de dirección] towards the kicker.” Replays showed Williams being shoved towards Dickson, but the officers marked the kicker’s rudeness, giving the seahawks the first down and allowing them to continue a drive in the fourth quarter that resulted in a field goal to tie the score.

A league official pointed to ESPN that he referee The handkerchief throw was not angled to allow him to see Williams being blocked towards Dickson.

Later, in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, Jalen Ramsey was called for unnecessary roughness on Geno Smith. After the penalty against Ramsey, the wide receiver for the seahawksDK Metcalf, put his hand on Ramsey’s mask — in full view of the background judge — but was not penalized.

With 9:26 left in overtime, Smith came under heavy pressure and sent a pass to his right that some said should have been marked as an intentional drop to the ground, but it was not called. Smith’s pass landed on the 23-yard line of Seattlea far cry from tight end Noah Fant, who was the eligible receiver for the seahawks closest at the 35-yard line.

The league official told ESPN that the officers of the game they determined that Fant was close to Smith’s pass even though his routing was affected by Quentin Lake.

Later in extra time, Quandre Diggs of Seattle intercepted Baker Mayfield. Replays showed Diggs taking aim at the former Los Angeles linebacker. seahawks and current player of the ramsBobby Wagner, but the officers they did not mark a penalty for taunting the opponent who would have delayed 15 yards to Seattle. Instead, the seahawks they started their final drive at their own 36-yard line and won on Jason Myers’ 32-yard field goal.

The league official pointed to ESPN that the decision not to punish Diggs for taunting was a judgment decision.

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