Olancho FC goes down to Motagua and complicates ‘La Tota’ Medina

Olancho FC surprised this Wednesday and beat Motagua 0-1 in the match of the fourth day of the 2023 Clausura Tournament of the National League, at the Carlos Miranda de Comayagua stadium.

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After equalizing to zero in the first half, the special guest was present just beginning the complement part. Cristian Cálix received from Cristhian Altamirano in the area after a good play and defined from low in a one-on-one with Jonathan Rougier.

The Colts are placed in third place in the standings with 7 points and leave the Blues fifth with four points.


MOTAGUA: 19. Jonathan Rougier, 17. Wesly Decas, 5. Marcelo Pereira, 3. Carlos Meléndez, 12. Raúl Marcelo Santos (35. Cristopher Meléndez, min.65), 15. Edwin Maldonado (10. Juan Carlos Obregón, min.56 ), 16. Héctor Castellanos (32. Jonathan Núñez, min.21), 23. Juan Ángel Delgado, 4. Carlos Mejía, 7. Iván López (8. Walter Martínez, min.65) and 11. Lucas Campana (21 Roberto Moreira, min. 56).

Coach: Hernan Medina.

OLANCHO FC: 1. Harold Fonseca, 41. Cristhian Altamirano, 2. Óscar Almendarez, 33. Nelson Muñoz (Allan Cárcamo, min.22), 3. Santiago Molina, 24. Omar Elvir, 8. Henry Gómez, 6. Reinieri Mayorquín (80. José Danilo Tobías, min.72), 16. Cristian Cálix, 15. Erick Andino (11. Carlos Ovidio Lanza, min.69) and 29. Agustín Auzmendi.

Coach: Humberto Rivera.

REFEREE: Raul Castro.

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