Olivia Wilde wants you to be angry watching ‘Don’t worry dear’: “I wanted people to feel a motivational rage” – Movie News

The director and actress premieres her new film on Friday, September 23. We spoke with her at the San Sebastián Film Festival.

Victoria is an idyllic community. All the women there are perfect: they prepare breakfast, they clean the windows, they vacuum, they say goodbye to their husbands at the door of the house when they go to work and they receive them at night, glass in hand, dressed as if they were not they would have been all day leaving the house cleaner than a whistle. The women of Do not worry dear They are perfect, but for whom? For the men of Victoria. “I wanted to inspire a sense of urgency that all is not well and that we are easily distracted”states Olivia Wilde in SensaCinema about what he wanted to provoke and awaken with his new film.

Do not worry dearwhich hits theaters on September 23is part of the section Pearl of San Sebastian Film Festival, a contest in which we spoke with Wilde about this project in which he places himself in front of and behind the cameras. The story follows Alice (Florence Pugh) already Jack (Harry Styles), a young married couple living in Victoria. he works for Frank (Chris Pine), the leader of this idyllic and experimental world in which everyone fawns over him as if he were a God. But Alice discovers that all is not what she seems and she begins to do what no one wants her to do: questions.

“It is understandable that you want to fall into distraction and a form of escape because life is very difficult and the world is challenging”says Wilde about how the inhabitants of Victoria prefer to go about their daily lives without questioning things and how that happens with ourselves. “Even so, it’s worth asking questions“, Add.

What Wilde seeks with Do not worry dear is that you get angry with what you are seeing: with how the men treat the women of Victoria. And, in addition, that you do it as its protagonist and respond to that anger:

I wanted people to feel a kind of rage that was proactive and motivating

The funniest part of the film was the documentation process creating Victoria. “I love the iconography of the 50s and 60s. I love architecture, cinema, music, fashion…”. But the message behind this idyllic community is anything but pleasant.

The director and her creative team built this world as metaphor of the machismo of our time: “It was interesting because creating the movie was creating a fantasy world, creating this illusion of happiness and then you had to turn it around and create something that was the opposite of that, which is the reality of misogyny today.”

From comedy to psychological thriller

Wilde, actress of series like House Y The OC, gave the surprise in 2019 by going behind the scenes of his first feature film. She did it with comedy super nerds -with Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein as protagonists-, the story of the party that two applied high school students have before going to university. Do not worry dear it is, in tone, quite the opposite: it is drama, it is ‘thriller’ and it is science fiction. “Psychological thrillers are my second favorite genre after comedies. When I was given the opportunity to do another film, I wanted to explore another genre, but one that I enjoyed just as much.Wilde says.

The director sees similarities between both genres. “I think they’re similar and there’s an opportunity to catch people off guard. I think it’s the same thing. With comedy and ‘thriller’ it’s the same thing: build tension and release tension. I love ‘ psychological thrillers’ because they are so unexpected and very fun to experience as an audience because you can solve a mystery“.

As Wilde continues:

I wanted to create something that was very entertaining, but at the same time gave you a lot to chew on and think about.

With two films behind him, the future ‘biopic’ perfect about the gymnast Kerri Strug and a secret project with Marvel Y Sony on the horizon; Wilde has earned, in a short time, to be one of the directors to keep track of and take into account. As for how she sees the future for women behind the scenes, Wilde is optimistic. “There is a voice for many women directors, it is just that they have not had a chance to make their films. I think there are many more being done now. I think audiences are asking for more nuanced female characters,” she explains.

However, there is still a lot to do: “I am optimistic, I think it is a trend that is going in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go. But I am so excited to be part of this growing group of female directors who are getting our films seen in theaters.”

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