Olympia from Greece wears the perfect look to show off her abs

Olympia from Greece is positioning itself in the world of fashion as one of the most requested names. Whether as a model, facet with which we have seen him parade for Emily Wickstead recently, or as a campaign image. The last one was for the shoe brand aquazzura. For this reason it is also becoming one of the essentials in the parades of the most important brands. So Olympia from Greece could not miss in Paris and yesterday it was seen in the parade of Louis Vuitton for the one who chose one of the transgressors outfits of the French firm. Olympia from Greece took a boxy high shoulder topperfect for show off abs perfectly toned, as is your case. She combined it with baggy pants and court shoes. A completely black outfit that highlighted the small handbag in a refreshing mint green that gave it that touch of color. Flat hair and natural makeup with a eyeliner marking completed this set of avant-garde airs that characterizes Vuitton’s creations.

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We saw this type of top with a square structure, in different fabrics and colors, in other famous guests such as Lea Seydoux either Maude Apatow and it generates an armor garment effect, emphasizing that idea of ​​a warrior woman that has recently flown over the French brand’s collections. this time Nicolas Ghesquiere has wanted to dedicate the collection to femininity, glorifying its complexity. A contemporary femininity that represents Olympia of Greece like nobody else, who, on the other hand, joins the well-established alliance between fashion and aristocracy. Charlene of Monaco She was another front-row guest at the Louis Vuitton show. Yesterday we also saw Charlotte Casiraghi in the parade of chanell Already Pauline Ducruet in the of Miu miu. And in previous days we have seen Alexandra of Hanover Y Beatrice Borromeo.

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