“One of your last wishes comes true”

On a day where pain, emptiness and wealth chase each other, because the myth of the greatest genius of football is fueled by apparent contradictions, Diego Armando Maradona, the people closest to him have decided to break the silence.

Maradona: the announcement on Instagram

And to offer Diego, the Diez, the D10S, that last gift he would have liked: an official announcement bursts into this November 25, 2021, as the world of football prostrates itself in front of Maradona:

“Today one of your last wishes begins to come true …”,

the message accompanying a document signed by Sebastian Baglietto, lawyer appointed by the heirs of Diego to manage the succession, he transforms that cherished dream that he has taken the name of into reality Memorial Maradona.

At the moment, the remains of the Argentine champion rest in the cemetery of Nice view, in the province of Buenos Aires, where he can only be visited by his family and friends. Too little for a man and a champion who summed up an era, the desire for revenge and revenge of Argentina and of the last that he has always defended with gestures and words Diego.

That people of faithful who still today have given him a secular cult but of sincere faith towards those who have been able to recognize, despite their own frailties, weaknesses and clearly what was right and to preserve it. However, without being able to really defend himself, as emerged from the investigations that led to a painful process that revealed the misery in which Maradona has spent the last few days. And without the right medical assistance, as the investigation has revealed and a trial is establishing.

Maradona’s latest gift

An absolute genius, who gave emotions, greatness, humanity where there was nothing but a burden of hopes mixed with disillusionment with nothing more than a ball. A ball to establish a dialogue, to sow trust again there among the least, the forgotten even by God, perhaps and what Diego he made present, protagonists because he always knew that that was the humanity that would have guilty of comfort and eternal love. Like gratitude, which is reserved for those who know how to understand.

Thus the dream of building for Maradona its space, a place “of eternal rest where it can be visited and receive the recognition and love of the millions of people who express it every day with different means”, has become concrete. A request presented to the legislator of the City of Buenos Aires and which marks yet another miracle of which the hand of Dios.


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