“Only low back pain,” but it was a thrombosis. Serious is a 64 year old

NOVENTA – In hospital in San Donà he was diagnosed with lumbosciatalgia, but then he discovered at the Ca ‘Foncello in Treviso that he had a thrombosis and severe kidney failure. It is the misadventure that happened to a 64-year-old man living in Noventa di Piave, whose very serious conditions are improving thanks to the tenacity of the family who decided to transfer him to the Treviso hospital.
Family that turned to the Franco Zorzetto law firm to report what they believe to be a matter of medical malpractice. Asked, thehealth authority Ulss 4 he made it known that “the necessary checks will be carried out to ascertain the facts and any responsibilities”.

The incident happened on March 22 last. After taking some pain relievers for about ten days due to pain in his back and left leg, the man decides to go to the hospital, accompanied by his wife.
After the appropriate visits, in the afternoon he was discharged with the reassuring diagnosis of lumbosciatalgia. But the day after the situation does not improve, on the contrary: the pains increase, he has difficulty breathing, the left leg seems to swell.
The wife calls the emergency room, which sends an ambulance to the scene. Other visits, but the same diagnosis: lumbosciatalgia, with the prescription of some specific drugs and the prescription to be visited, in the following days, at the Portogruaro hospital.
On the same evening, despite having started taking the prescribed drugs, the 64-year-old continues to complain of severe pain, breathing difficulties and an enlarged leg.

At that point the family decides to call a private ambulance to have it transferred to Ca ‘Foncello. After three hours of visits, the doctor reports to his wife and children that he was facing a thrombosis and that the situation was very serious.
Not only that: after other tests, severe kidney failure also emerges. He was then hospitalized in intensive care, until his conditions stabilized. As mentioned, the family, faced with such a situation, decided to contact the lawyer Zorzetto to protect their reasons.

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