Organon invests 7.3 million euros in Claria Medical

Kevin Ali, CEO of Organon.

Organon has announced a strategic investment in Claria Medical, a private company developing a investigational medical device for use during laparoscopic hysterectomy minimally invasive, for 8 million dollars (7.3 million euros).

The agreement also grants Organon the option to acquire Claria Medical. The $8 million advance payment will be classified as a 2023 research and development expense.

“Hysterectomy is one of the most commonly performed surgeries on womenTherefore, it is essential to invest in new technologies with the aim of providing safer, simpler and faster procedures”, said Kevin Ali, CEO of Organon.

Improve women’s health

“Collaborations such as our agreement with Claria Medical are an integral part of our approach to business development. We seek possible solutions to improve women’s health wherever they are available, be they medicines, devices or other technologies. This agreement is based on our device expertise and aligns with our focus on advancing the achievement of urgently needed innovations“, has added.

Claria’s initial research device, the ‘Claria System’, uses an intelligent uterine containment and extraction system which aims to improve the hysterectomy procedure for both patients and physicians. The device was selected for inclusion in the Safer Technologies Program (STeP, Safer Technologies Program) of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a collaborative program that seeks to reduce the time it takes to obtain marketing authorization for eligible devices.

“Our team is excited about this strategic agreement with Organon, as they provides extensive knowledge on women’s health. Organon’s investment reinforces the potential of our technology to help improve outcomes for women. We are very much looking forward to continuing our clinical program for the Claria System and obtaining FDA clearance,” added Alexey Salamini, CEO of Claria Medical.

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