Oscars: Kristen Stewart Praised for ‘Breaking Red Carpet Rules’ by Wearing Shorts to Oscars

Kristen Stewart is being praised after arriving at the 94th Annual Academy Awards in an unexpected fashion choice: shorts.

the star of spencer , whose performance is nominated for Best Actress, walked the red carpet wearing Chanel from head to toe: a cropped tuxedo jacket, black shorts, and an open white sheer blouse paired with black heels. Stewart was joined on the red carpet Sunday night by her screenwriter fiancé, Dylan Meyer, who wore a brown suit with a white T-shirt.

The 31-year-old actress was praised for her decision to swap out a traditional Oscars gown for rocker-chic shorts, with fans taking to social media to share their reactions to Stewart’s red carpet look.

“Kristen Stewart is also breaking some #Oscars red carpet rules,” the fashion critic tweeted. from the New York Times , VanessaFriedman. “No mermaid dresses! No princess dresses! It’s time.”

“I just saw Kristen Stewart’s outfit and I’m totally rooting for her to win because we NEED that acceptance shot on stage,” said film critic Guy Lodge.

Someone else said: “Kristen Stewart just being herself and I’m so proud of her.”

Writer Shannon O’Connor said, “I just…I love awards season. Especially Kristen Stewart’s awards season. I’ll have more to say when I get my jaw off the ground.”

the entertainment writer from the Los Angeles Times Amy Kaufman even shared a behind-the-scenes look after Stewart finished walking the red carpet. “Kristen Stewart immediately changed out of her heels for flats the moment she walked off the red carpet,” she wrote. “Amen, girl.”

While most reactions consisted of praise for the star’s break from tradition, twilightNot everyone was impressed by the outfit, with some critics claiming the shorts were too casual for a formal event like the Academy Awards. “That outfit belongs on the MTV red carpet,” one person tweeted, while another said Stewart looked “dressed for the beach.” Fans were quick to denounce the double standard, considering Timothée Chalamet showed up to Sunday’s event shirtless.

“No way are people saying that Kristen Stewart’s outfit isn’t professional enough for the Oscars when Timothée Chalamet is SHIRTLESS? You better sit down,” one person tweeted.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Stewart’s stylist, Tara Swennen, said the decision to wear black shorts was to create a look that fully represented the actor. “For us, it was more about creating a look that was authentically his, as this was his special big day,” Swennen said. “He has been wearing many dresses, but today was his day to do whatever he wanted.”

One Twitter user agreed that Stewart’s red carpet look was authentic and iconic. “I’d like to think that how we choose to dress is how we represent ourselves and the whole look is totally so hers,” they wrote. “I am so proud of her, so confident and loud and proud.”

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