Pablo Montero confirms that he left a restaurant without paying

After we let you know in our most recent edition that the singer Pablo Montero had left an expensive restaurant in Polanco without paying the billnow it is he who confirms our information and ensures that he left the premises without paying his account.

Let us remember that it was last May 20 when the protagonist of ‘The last king’ left without paying the restaurant bill, which amounted to 15 thousand pesos in Au Pied de Cochon, from Hotel Presidente, so the employees of the place assured that the singer already had everything planned.

Pablo Montero stars in The Last King

However, Pablo Montero, in an interview with ‘First Hand’, told his version of the events. “The restaurant thing, I went for a while with a group of 15 people and they wanted to put the bill on me, and I told them: ‘I pay what I consumed, not the bill of 15 people, they are wrong’”.

Immediately afterwards, the famous corroborated our information and explained that his 15 companions tried to take advantage of him and thought that it would not bother him that he was the one who paid everyone’s bill; Although so far it is unknown if the restaurant will take action against the actor. “Since I am a public person, they go after me. Why do I have to be paying the bill for all those people?

Let’s remember that as we told you exclusively, a witness revealed that the famous planned his escape and even the way in which his friends did not pay the extravagant account of what they spent. “When the waiter brought the bill, he asked for it to be charged to his room. and he had already arranged with the driver who was outside, so he took advantage of the moment and went to the elevator as if he were going to his room, and as soon as he got out of it, he left.

“Well, he was very happy, he was singing and he had his drinks, that’s why he didn’t go to the other event. But the problem was that at two in the morning his friends left and he stayed there with the girl he was with, later she left in a taxi and he planned his entire getaway. First, he sent his driver to the cashier, but without success, because apparently he had no money and the others had already left. a witness told us.

Pablo Montero stars in The Last King

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